morphing & the wealth of 1&1’s

done with MorphX. its freeware, i donated him though to appreciate his great work. you can go ahead and morph any picture into any other one… i got curious about the morphing-transition-effect from “Culture Flash – Members of Mayday“. and thanks to Markus & Jodi for amplifying my morph-interest into research and action :)

there is something about the incredible wealth in 1&1 relationships… now in this case it is a morph of my 12year-old self and now… but imagine (or try!) a morph between your face and your loved one / working partner… what feelings come up? what organic response to this visual synergy comes up? or morphing from one face to another for a whole group?

did you notice that facebook recently added a “view you and [name]” function when you click on someones profile? mmh…

and as i am nerdy this days about possible subgroups in a group (larger post on this coming soon) i posted this the other day on FB:

with a world population of 6.9billion people we have 2.4×10^19 different possible 1&1 relationships (that is 6.9billion x 3.4billion) – now, given that; trusting that the right people will meet at the right time is one thing… another thing is to hear an enormous invitation to tap SO much more into this potential relational wealth and radically follow your impulses to connect and weave as you carry many people in you, some might click in you as that’s all pretty stuffed in your social neurons – let them know :) please care for the relational impulses you get, they are golden flowers…

and Susan beautifully replies with other forms of ‘matching’ people together through powerful systems like horoscope and human design system… and Jay wonders “what ambient connections happen without any direct interaction… just from the sheer potential of that many people in one holon”…

more to come…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “morphing & the wealth of 1&1’s”

  1. So, second read on this and loving the morph. I think watching triggered something even more meaningful in me. Yes…thinking about every major influence growing “up” and how those people, books, travels morphed me…understanding that an agreement with someone can be as simple as giving directions and as complex as marriage and children. Knowing..for a while now that who I AM is as simple as knowing every decision I’ve ever made has culminated here Now. And, realizing that the way I’ve come to live my life…with hands wide open and saying yes, yes, yes…will lead more quickly to an expanded version of myself into a being that I cannot yet conceive…as your 24 year old self was not yet conceivable to you at 12. However, if what I’m thinking is … and I believe it is … that the extension of this thought is that one’s development can be enhanced by a greater richness of the life one chooses and that these expanded choices are possible not just possible but necessary in order to change the world into a garden what grows ever more beautiful…the ultimate question becomes….so, now what? What is it that can be done beyond what is being done now that will ensure each unique being fully blooms?


    1. love it Susan, thank you! the different ‘impacts’ of agreements in the exhale of complexifying, yes! leading more quickly to an expanded version of yourself…
      can one learn to pre-sense this impact-strengths? probably not consciously as possibilites are unfolding hyper-exponentially in the unborn now.
      “What is it that can be done…?” – there is just deepening into that question for now… and, what is the new why here…


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