viral process-creature and analogy-scanning

later addition: noticing that this post is quite colored by my personal story. i became aware that this can cause interpersonal swirls that might not allow the thought-stream along programming social/mental viruses to be seen that clearly. might follow up with a ‘neutral’ post soon.

“you turn away… and i am still there…. you thought that’s just a random comment…. but actually… it comes from a space that is evolving since years…. but it’s ok, you move on and listen to what is comfortable to listen to…. i will keep flirting with the world to find ways to put the message as i am hosting my own learning process in communicating what i see as so powerful…. or seeing where else it is growing… eventually i will find the right words to stimulate resonance or there will be a moment where i touch your core or rise in presence in your trusted circles that will expand your attention and interest to follow into depth… and all i ask of you, is forever to remember me – as loving you!” – from anonymous… or maybe me…

i am thinking about movements and talking-topics and culture and everything that has shared attention and becomes ground for new – as the noise of it becomes so loud and present that we allow it to be part of the static symphony and not a melody on the side in a subroom… it starts to fade into the canvas that we paint on. it grows into us as part of our identity…

media/marketing is so so so massively doing this!! we amuse ourselves to meet friends of friends and talk about “a small world”. we hear about something someone said and feel reminded of what someones else said and then find out that those two are connected. we love those moments! but how the f*** can it be that CocaKola is a shared piece of symbol amongst more than 4 billion people? and i am almost sure you noticed the spelling mistake… because the term of it is planted in our neurons as strong as the word ‘mother’… i find it ridiculous that brands can do that, through investing a hell lot of money into marketing. i am calling for us to simply become better at it as they do! i am talking about learning to plant viruses, planting seedbombs of meaning and depth… what people are longing for when they are sitting alone at home and their Coke is empty…

there are funny youtube videos that gain millions of views in short time. there are endless ways of cool remixing. there are amazing and fancy documentaries and of what’s going on in the world. however, i am interested in the pieces that add new, the missing pieces. once spoken they travel in the system simply through their inherent authority of truth and wholeness. it’s the things some put out accidentally and it gets picked up and becomes a shared symbol where people are relating to for the rest of the day and it quickly becomes a static term that contains a shared experience. sometimes the origin is still in the collective memory, sometimes not. sometimes it is important for the originator to make a point that this was his creation, sometimes not.

now… you may wanna pay careful attention to who is naming this things, who is installing this kind of attractors in the system. which constellation is causing a trajectory of shared emerging knowledge to leap into such a new piece of shared symbol/language? and from where did that impulse come? no, i mean from where did it really come? who and what is setting a trend? will this person be remembered for it? is (s)he aware of the birth of this? was it a conscious design process, a held intention or just an accident?

…now what if… you can learn to scope this missing pieces? this voices of the powerful unspoken truth in a field… the piece of meaning or symbol that will infiltrate the system because it adds something that can never ever be missed again once its spoken because things would never be whole and complete without it. things that just hit the tone and actually redefines the tone that has to be hit. things that convince through their authenticity. they get anchored in each of our hearts and minds when we hear them. they are moving the edge and thereby transform what has been a wall for someones else before, into a threshold.

i am not sure if i create more of this magic pieces than others – however, i am aware of it when it happens and i start to consciously experiment with installing attractors in a system. why? i guess somehow saving the world?? at the moment i don’t believe that there is one shining loving sentence or youtube video that just has to be found to cause a chain-reaction through all of humanities hearts and we will all wake up… what i am daring to sense into though is the nature of a process-creature that is able to travel through hearts and circles and communities and nations… the virus of depth and meaning. the longing for initiation and personal growth, the desire to move our edge…

now, if i would end here, i am sure you’d be able to think of many possible process-creatures to put into place… or at least think of qualities such shall embody seeing through your glasses of you-in-the-world? well, please do that! and meanwhile i might just as well give you the view through my glasses now :)

it is the artist way, spiced up with systemic/field-something and a huge chunk of intuition, imagination and inner movability :) no books need to be read about it, no degree has to be earned in it….

it’s what i describe in my recent post on metacreation as a fluidity in perceiving core patterns and dynamics and sensing/simulating their expression on other levels of cosmic possibilities, on other fields of expression. (= realogies = fluid fractal organisms = consistency of shape = …)

let me try to put it another way – an entry into the field i am talking about for you might be to imagine having a talk with a musician and really describing her well what your problem is. and she asks into it and you unfold the whole thing. she really goes into compassion and feels your process and creates a song from that. you here this and get extremely touched and grateful and you see your process in a light that you haven’t done before. so what is happening here is allowing someone else’s process to become yours and allow it to be expressed through your being / way of expressing. it can also be seeing the forest in the light of your process and interpreting the symbols (see the symbols & meaning posts)… it can be seeing how your process would play out in a group, or in the swirls in your coffee-cup, or in the way you organize your browsing-tabs… allowing yourself to see and sense, perceive and internally extend the mother-, child- (IPG process understanding) and meta processes branching off from your experience or your simulation right now. in the energetic field there is just fractals and complexifying and simplyifing and breathing… and what we see is the manifestations in thoughts and behavior and cities and landscapes…

try the following; when you get told something personal – allow yourself to use your own biography to resonate with this, and allow yourself to scan all your inner horizon for similar patterns/dynamics to what the person is sharing… so there is contraction in this story? where else do you know the movement of contraction from? and then circulate a bit around in your imagination around that analog level of expression and maybe you will find an angle or notion to share back that moves the edge for this person…

allowing each other to be platform for wild free-flow between layers of the universe and seeing everything embedded in its field as a potential manifestation from the same mother-process your process is originated from…. this is tapping into a vast endless ocean of creativity! maybe it even IS what is happening in/through creativity…

two notions that help me in this analogy-scanning/territory-scoping process: 1) make it absolutely highly personal!! take what you are hearing down into your deepest heart and soul and wounds and most intimate secrets. allow it the full vertical through you and all you care and life for. sacrifice your existence with every scan. 2) dare to hopelessly overstretch… what are the wildest potential branches off from this experience/story into your imagination… go to the extremes and even further, and then see what new fields you are entering in you and what can travel back to help seeing the story in another light…

so, re-cap; the last part was my take on what i see as a growing perception/ability in me that allows me to see and name the missing unspoken pieces of truth and meaning in any context. which becomes relevant when thinking about a process-creature that has the power and love to travel through hearts and circles to name those pieces in any context and unfold depth and meaning with everything it touches. this to enrich our shared language with symbols that allow the transition into higher levels of consciousness as an evolutionary family and expands the possibilities of what our mental and social bodies are able to process.

just that… nothing more (for now) and certainly nothing less…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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