building on a few things i wrote/spoke about recently i want to pick up the ‘meta’-notion from metacurrency and play with applying it to the process of creating! so metacreation :)

and just now comes this highly resonant tweet from Venessa saying “production is more fun than consumption“. i’ll take that as trigger to start from the following angle… i am certainly rather a creator than a consumer. i rather build tools and structure than copying it and tweaking it. my experience of world and people, mixed with assumptions and interpretations says the following: the dynamics of a capitalistic global system causes much stuff. among this is fragmentation and a massive loss of creating-energy. people tend to build their identity through choosing from products, physical products and also spiritual/worldview products/models. assembling my own playlist of given stuff makes me unique!?

and then there is the academic field and science that is producing amazing stuff AND has a suppressing effect on peoples creational signals as they would rather leave that to the experts or big spiders in that field. is what you are saying anchored in a field? where does this come from? can you argue for it? why should i think about this when there is a whole branch of science investigating this? i don’t even know the language they speak…

i understand the systemic necessity though to create protected intense containers to cook up stuff and have entrance thresholds.

metacreation… ongoing inquiry around installations of attractor in my/your system that empowers to build tools and structures in the moment. birthed naturally in connection with a field. the bubbles that bubble up you can use right away…

rather than building toolboxes i want to build tool-birthing capacities.

when i reflect on my creational force it is coming from something that Gavin calls “fractal fluid organism” and Andreas calls “consistency of shape” and i used to call “realogies” (reality + analogy). a fluidity in perceiving core patterns and dynamics and sensing/simulating their expression on other levels of cosmic possibilities, on other fields of expression. [more another day]

it is also a shift in attitude on the receiving end. if the group isn’t expecting the process leader anymore to lead them to success and meaning but we are in this together and lean into the emergence of the highest potential… we are throwing ourselves forward into our synergy instead of loosing energy in interpersonal dramas and competitions.

as i understand it so far, a metacurrency is a language/code that allows a multitude of currencies to be created in the moment and then have all those interact with each other on flowplaces. so the root needs to make sure that all currencies are able to interact, evolve and self-organize.

so when i use metacreation i am thinking about root-updates that shift the whole way on what/how we create and deepen the level of quality and consciousness. a fundament that is so rich in people that they don’t even want to write their tool-creations down to save them for later – they trust that things show up in their system as they go in resonance with a field.

responsive and creational energy as all we have, here and now. we want to charge that to the maximum through installing attractors that allow complexity and diversity to be processed. a light operating system… we wanna make the pool that our creational energy is accessing as rich and deep and wide as possible? AND we wanna make the channel that this energy is coming through as clear and light as possible?

mmh, this is exciting for me to think about, i don’t quite get why yet, but it has energy….


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “metacreation”

  1. Hello Benjamin,
    Although the way you think/write/sense is sometimes difficult for me to follow I notice that you are writing very interesting thoughts… very resonant with a whole body of understanding that I’m trying to catch in a book… (not sure when it will be ready!)…

    Did you ever thought more deeply about “we want to charge that (=creativity) to the maximum through installing attractors that allow complexity and diversity to be processed” – what do you see as attractors here? I would be most interested in hearing your thougths about this.


    1. thanks Ria! i love hearing that it is resonating with something you are catching in your book (looking so much forward for the day its ready!!).
      mmh, surely the most delicious and deep point in this field to deepen into – what you we want to charge it with, which (new?) attractors to install… i will keep deepening into that Q, and so will you and others i am sure. i am touching slowly into the direction of practices in my ‘social processors’ post in the three points i marked with “>>”
      and i am thinking on some more that i will write about – the innovative power being put into re-thinking communication online (like FB posts, tweets) leaves an imprint in our communication/social neurons. so there are some attractors massively being installed right now where i see amazing potential in mapping and expanding them (back) to offline/face2face-space!!


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