intuition-based currency innovation


[let me know if you think i should edit those videos afterwards. i leave it raw for now to be transparent in my formulation process on the go and i am aware that my fumbling and stumbling from time to time might just be the break or confusion that you need to get what i mean, but it might also be annoying and creating wasting-time-feelings?? it all makes sense when i write the script, but then speaking it is a whole other chapter…]


snippets from the script and beyond:

… capacity building for intuitive (collective) converging into meaningful mapping of flows (=currency) – from the many possible ones to find those with the strongest energy or strongest leverage point into our highest potential…

what is the sneeze “worth” that shifts the group energy and that leads into an awesome reservoir (which might also have been found through another trigger than the sneeze shortly after ?!? -> note for future blogpost (!) : the field might call for the trigger vs. only the trigger shifting the field). 

can you pre-sense the impact-strength of something that happens in the field before experiencing the impact exploding or unfolding in you/us? what are you listening to then?

… value tracking experiment. right everything down immediately where you feel you created value and where you received value. then comparing those notes as a group.

what about non-linear value-generating… something that sounded boring in the first place might become very meaningful for me as i echo it hours/days later…

…you wouldn’t even see that there is wind outside if there weren’t leaves moving!


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

One thought on “intuition-based currency innovation”

  1. Maybe make more clear upfront what you are going to talk about – makes it easier for me/us to decide if we want to look at the whole thing… cutting it up in smaller junks would also be helpful I guess.


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