bug spray app and the collective buddha

from my FB note, 14th August 2010

just saw in the iPhone app store an application called “bug spray” that produces high frequent tones through the built-in loudspeakers which is supposed to chase away bugs… these and thousands of other apps in the app stores of apple and google and where they pop up elsewhere are far beyond anything that those companies could breed up in their own creative think tanks! it empowers the masses to innovate wildly… an app store is: a creation that is build to surprise and transcend the creators scope.
you embody areas of expression yoursef (red)
AND you have heart connection to people who embody
others, together it becomes your extended body…
and i believe this is what will happen in other human domains as well – again, computer world is (just) a playground to accelerate evolution and gives us an experience of what connectedness and boundless communication feels like…

or maybe it has always been that way? an individual invents a plattform that enables vast collective creativity to flow in with a multitude of individual expressions…

language is probably the prime example for a system that gives frames and structure so that massively different expression can happen…

we need to hear the invitation to build a system into our extended body [http://bit.ly/chj2bE] – it becomes an area of expression for me, my impulses can flow through it…

a root update is leaning into the collective by it’s nature, it needs the community to be evoked, it keeps leaning into a center which is not yet formed – but by intention and attraction the matrix will be woven to hold the seed in our middle, till then it needs the strength and perseverance to hold the dream up…

time for solo-genius who explains the world might be over. time for “a mushrooming of collective Buddhas” [Helen, http://bit.ly/aD12Qi]

>> And let me tell you about something in my perception and knowing that i would be bold and brave enough to indicate a potential root update as i and others learn to speak it to the collective buddha… i see universal impulses that find expression different forms through the many eyes of the universe that we are; a song, a drawing, a conversation, an euphoric surge, a poem… fractal dynamic patterns are branching of in other domains from every knot and flow and form… there is a language of energies beneath the concrete expression that we see – it’s what makes expert A have a meaningful leading edge conversation with expert B from a total different “profession” that moves the edge for both –  it is a metaphorical understanding of the patterns that are playing out, it is intuitively sensing how a dynamic would prolong in my body, in my mind, in a social body, in a landscape, in the flight of birds… it’s the place where inspiration and creation comes from! it needs full freedom of judging and a liquid seeing through all layers, it needs mental and emotional eyes that can see through… and i can’t breed this out all myself – because i don’t embody all domains of human expression myself (words, dance and weaving are playgrounds for me), i need the collective to fulfill this – so my life journey (as i see it as this stage) is to find ways to explore how i can set the train on the rails… it’s like flirting with the world :) and i don’t want to be understood – i want to understand… only that energy is attractive…

and so on :) smiles…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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