feeling the dependence on the black blood stream of our society

written from Axladitsa, Greece

Greece has very limited petrol at the moment, the suppliers are on strike for a few days – incredible to feel the immediate dependency as the black blood stream of our society stops!
Expecting anger in people that can turn into violence – but also connectedness and support emerging…
Confusion and fear can overshadow seeing the obvious options.
Mental/emotional/social capacity to hold the tension is key – social fields that can contain this tension and radiate clarity, alignment and connectedness from within that place…
What to do is obvious, decisions are becoming clear and direct as our basic needs are depending on the options we choose: maintaining access to resources – food to eat, water to drink… internet connection??
Grateful to experience this in a place like Axladitsa that is awake, resilient and almost self-sustaining both in practice and in spirit – deep bows to Maria and Sarah!
… more of those places!!
As much as i love being globally connected – seriously guys! times are close where we can not rely on constant supply of electricity and oil! What are YOU able to contribute to your environment the day we have no electricity and no oil?

I read somewhere that all the servers maintaining internet are producing more CO2 than air traffic – whether or not it is true, it’s a horrendous amount. I see a big big invitation here, it is not just plugging out your computer and turning back to local – it is to harvest what we are experiencing online and consciously inform our offline social life with it.
How would the architecture of a facebook post with comments and “likes” look like in a local group setting? “Random” inspiration can be “posted” anytime and the “followers” are hearing it and whoever resonates is adding to it or shows appreciation, the creature is growing in it’s own pace – multiple threads are alive in the space. How does the architecture of Twitter translate into offline space? An email-thread that can be “harsh” in who is in or not because the ones not in don’t even hear about it…
These technologies are literally giving us new opportunities to communicate online and our social brains are growing into these possibilities, our arms are learning to reach beyond our body through the machine and our fingers learn to use the gloves google, facebook and twitter are offering us… what if the machine stops being there, your arms and fingers will remember the movement, let them play in other contexts…
Just as a pilot trains in a flight simulator many times before he get’s to fly for real – i believe the age of computers and online connection has it’s reality in itself AND is teaching our psychic and social muscles how connectedness feels like as we seek to remember it…
It is to use the online time we have to share impulses and learning that is meaningful! You don’t need a highway system when a bumpy mountain road is enough to transport the load… the right impulses will find you. And yes, the free flow platforms we have online are brilliant to connect and bumble bee around, but what if i don’t have to look for new mates myself – what if we can see each other and act on our impulses of connecting our mates – as soon as their social neurons are firing together in your brain there is a spark… and the universe is inviting you to give that a chance…
this some thoughts about the online domain, there are many other domains that hold incredible value when seeing from a perspective on how they can inform and enrich our local resilience and social intelligence…
Yesterday we had the first storm with rain this summer here! Sometimes when i feel those powerful nature forces coming alive i have to take my clothes off and run through the rain on the land – so i did this time. Wet ground under my running feet, wind and thunder around me, raindrops are inducting a fast moving curtain into what was just empty air space before… the rain stops, my lungs are pumping fast, i shift into walking. As i am getting a bit cold for the very first time this holiday in Greece a thought crosses my mind; if building capacity in feeling in larger times and contexts needs to be anchored in the body by practices like somehow storing the heat of the last days in the body to bring it up when it is getting cold… different speeds in our body-system of adaption to environmental changes… some quick like jumping away from a hot cooking plate, some slow as psychic development over decades… is this given or do we have a chance to dive through this different time-dimensions in our system…
As i am walking naked through the wet forest i am feeling both so satisfied about the outbursting wilderness in me in those moments but also an uncomfortable alienation on what a baby i am here, not knowing skills on how to live in nature, build my own shelter, know what to eat and what not… not sure if i would survive in pure nature for long! So asking myself how it would feel if i would feel so rooted and connected being naked in nature as i feel when it comes to the online playgrounds i dance on or other “expert” areas i feel at home. That “pain” of unskilledness i think we should all feel, or at least be able to feel… it is not just another hobby like car-racing or video-games, knowing your way in wilderness is where are coming from and to some degree where we are eventually heading. In me it is a very constructive pain that invites me to learn this things!
Maybe that is a window to transport that message into peoples heart, the analogy to something where you feel really rooted and connected…
Sometimes feeling pain is such a privilege.

Thinking these days about the unknown and the un-understandable… wondering where a deep circle sharing would take us that invites to speak something that probably no one understands. All those areas you left out out of the social space or haven’t found an entry yet because you are too shy for it or feel like couldn’t argue for it or feel like no one could follow you there or feel it would loose integrity if it enters someone else’s mind… a space for those things to be shared and honored in their fragile freakiness or complexity or out-thereness without any pressure of making it understandable… balls that you don’t know how to play with but they are warmly welcome in the space. Media and marketing is massively destroying our perseverance and motivation in tuning into spaces that are not screaming into our faces within 3sec what it is about – we simply turn to the next simple thing or simple thought when there is a weird piece showing up. Echoing what Einstein says about the problem that cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness that created it, and what Luhman says about the only opportunity for a system to grow is to get confused… so i wonder how we are with each other when we are deeply curious about these other universe over there with all that stuff i have no clue what is it about… learning to support without understanding. The gift of attention and appreciation we offer to each other may not have the taste of a closed space, always a window to heaven… the creator needs always to be ready for the creation to transcend his impulse – evolutionary tools and conductors we are for each other…
in service and love,

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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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