complexifying & simplifying

thoughts/terms partly from/inspired-by @jascharohr, @gabrielshalom, @openworld and @gavinkeech. music from Natalie Rogers.

the inspiration to do this has been growing since i saw this little boy at a waldorf-school festival in Sweden last week… he looked so contemplative and serious and i felt a strong wave of compassion and care about being together at this time on earth… regardless of, AND even more beautiful to be in different stages of ‘complexifying’ / development… so there i saw the complexifying process of an ‘innocent circle that branches out and continues shaping’ on my inner eye (that i realized using Flash with the red shape in the video) and soon later it occurred to me that water-flow/water-tension-island-forming is a beautiful analogy to this dynamic… the idea about making an art-movie-thingy was there, but i was afraid i will never do it because it needs to be perfect ;) then after a fantastic 1st talk with @gabrielshalom yesterday i felt so rich with inspiration that i just had to do it today… using the water-tap at the KP school and the shower at Maja’s home. after editing i saw that it is 3:35min long, so i went into my iTunes and chose the only song i have that is exactly 3:35min long – and that is this lovely harp-piece from wonderful Natalie, and i absolutely love how it fits… please enjoy :)


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

One thought on “complexifying & simplifying”

  1. Benjamin…you never cease to amaze me. I watched this earlier when I found it on FB and shared it onto my page…where it was quite appreciated.

    As always…I wish you everything that you wish for yourself.

    Susan XX


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