politics simulator

Is there something like a scientific politics simulator (or do i have to build one some day)?

I’d like to feed the election program of a party into a simulation engine that mimics “the real world” as best as possible and projects societal development forward given the parameters/claims/guidelines in the election program.

Beyond algorithmic truth-checker-approaches (aka automated verification of statements based on scientific sources, that already exists) to statistically robust simulations.

Only to supplement the discourse of course, never to solely base decisions upon.

Open in a way that programmed/designed data-pools like <82 million Germans> or <international law> can be fed into an evermore comprehensive simulation-landscape. Data-pools could be “tested” for the “realness” by simulating decades/centuries that have already happened. Take data up to 1980 for instance and then simulate up to 2010. Compare the results with what actually happened and go back to refining your data-pools for it to be a closer match the next time. And of course this wouldn’t be the only test for data-pools. Tests would have to be an open marketplace itself…


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “politics simulator”

  1. Benjamin, this is really eerie. I was in Venezuela last December, and during a 5 hour drive through the country, i engaged in a discussion with my friend about the politics in Venezuela and the politically fuelled woes between the classes. Somehow, we arrived at EXACTLY the same idea as your post above.
    It however rapidly bulged from a ‘simple’ politics-simulator to a highly complex societal-simulator.


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