traveling salesman problem: brute force, dynamic programming, graphs, permutation sets


shortestPathPlot_completeWDlandTogether with a fellow student i had the assignment of giving a presentation about the important traveling salesman problem in the Applied Mathematics course at Uni. It’s fairly low-level since we are in the 2nd semester at this point – but i put some good effort into visually explaining the concept of both brute-force and dynamic programming by going in depth with explaining how to build the necessary graphs and permutation-sets in Java. I’d like to share it so it can be helpful to someone else.


This [link] points to a folder in my Dropbox where i gathered all the content from my part of the presentation. I added an English version of the main slideshow and readme-files with instructions. You might be best off by downloading the whole folder (“Download” > “Download as .zip”) and then explore it’s content on your machine.


Update January 1st, 2015: I can tell from the stats that this post receives the most visitors on my blog. I assume thats mostly students searching for these topics. It would be great if someone (you?) feels like giving me some feedback if my materials here were helpful and/or how I could improve them.


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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