automated feedback through emo-logging

I think that in the near future the body-logging trend will also encompass emotions (or is it already?). The nike fuelband could (easily?) be equipped with sensors for skin moisture and heartbeat (which together can be used to measure stress-level) and thus be enabled to log your stress-level throughout the day.
Now imagine someone writes a piece of software that makes sense of those logged emotions in the following way: activities and social encounters are mapped against the emotional curves of people. If for instance everyone would get very stressed when i say hello to them at work (random example) – this would show up as spike in the emo-log of those people. If this very effect would show up repeatedly this is an important piece of feedback that could be presented to me in an anonymized way like this: “70% of the people you greeted in the last month showed a reaction of above-average stress” (of course the sensors and algorithms would need to make sure it’s “negative” stress – and not wild euphoria for instance).
To give me a fair chance to work on myself with this automated feedback it wouldn’t be shared with anyone else just yet. If it happens over longer periods of times though the visibility of this automated feedback would be opened to the HR person.
Automated feedback-systems vs. taking responsibility of giving feedback face to face? Surely tricky ethical implications. But it seems rather unavoidable to me that things like that will be tested if/when the emo-component enters the logging-trend and when there’ll be the first IFTTT for data-sense-making algorithms…

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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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