data sense-making tool-pool

Finding out about makes me think that this is only impressive at this point in time.
I would imagine that in a few years this will only be one of many subsets of something larger and more comprehensive. There will be something like app stores for automated data-sense-making. You’ll be able to puzzle together your specific sense-making suite (one of which would encompass all of what enloop currently does) and you’ll be able to share your suite (as a filter, combination and parametrized version of all possible tools) for others to build on.
Meta-tools will be made. One might for example take as input a financial report and a human-professionally written business plan based on that financial report – the output will be the best and most salient approximation of this humanly made expert-mapping, expressed as a subset of the data-sense-making pool. Then you’d be able to see how your business plan (based on your numbers) looks like through automated mappings that mimic the work of famous business plan person 1 compared to famous business plan person 2

The concrete domain-specific applications of a larger, more comprehensive and universal abstraction are getting explored long before the abstraction itself is being made workable for a multitude of domains at once. Scalability of patterns. Eating many apples before discovering the apple tree.


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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