automated arousal tracking

I commute a lot on public transport within Munich, Germany.

Of course i see countless beautiful women that i feel attracted to.

Here’s what i thought could be interesting – a small camera that sees what i see (Google Glasses?) and tracks ALL faces that i encounter. When i look at someone for longer than a second a snapshot of my bodily measures is being taken through arousal-measuring sensors (heartbeat, muscle activity…) and stored in association to that person. Through a throat microphone i can discreetly attach voice-notes without having to speak out loud. I get displayed anything i might already have stored about this person (in addition to parameters that can be measured instantly, like body-height) – if i have seen her/him before and what was related to that encounter. Over time this builds a substantial database of people that commute around the time that i do and that i find interesting.
If everyone would have such a device and all devices are networked – automatic match-making based on mutual arousal could take place. It would be displayed for both parties as a suggestion to say hi.

Anyway. Put this into the category of geeky tech-visions as compensation for being to shy to say hi from the beginning. I admit it.

Note May 22, 2014: 
Wow, these are no longer “geeky tech-visions” I’d have. I am actually quite very much against and annoyed with Google Glass topics.


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

5 thoughts on “automated arousal tracking”

  1. :-) You are a genius, Benjamin! :-) If this doesn’t yet exist it will one day, and your post may be what catalyzes it! :-) Or you will build it yourself, more like.

    Here’s to gathering your courage and saying “hi” – one of the most interesting affairs of my youth happened in exactly that way. :-)


    1. Hello Prof. Leßke,
      i agree, it would most certainly make life boring! Every passionate impulse to get in contact with someone would get suppressed and instead one would wait for the automated recommendation of the arousal-based matchmaking app as a safe bet. Because one could then send negative feedback to the app-developer if a recommended encounter turns out as a non-match :)
      I think this (and quite possibly other ideas on this blog) is not necessarily meant as a wish for something i would like to have – but more scenarios that i happened to ponder about regarding what such technology would do to the social fabric and everyones psychology.


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