memories with and through (not of) a jacket

I just went for a night walk outside before going to bed. I took on a jacket that I haven’t been wearing for a year or so. At some point, meandering under the bright stars, I noticed how I put my hands into the two pockets of the jacket. It has to be done in a particular movement though that is for me unique to this jacket. I noticed I also put my mobile phone into the chest-pocket which I don’t do with other jackets. Moved by this experience i smiled to myself and went in my mind and with my hands through all the little rituals, patterns and little ticks that are tied to this jacket.
What if I had thrown it away? All the little patterns I uniquely unfold with this particular jacket would be lost forever… or might come back partially again with different jackets throughout the coming decades.
Of course I am not too worried about loosing this little specific part of my repertoire of movement-patterns, but it made me think about the myriads of objects that we are literally tying our kinetic memories to. And of course not just kinetic and not just objects… compare the “part of me” that comes out only with this jacket with the part of me that is uniquely evoked when being with a good friend. But its not starting outside of my own body – if I would loose a leg in an accident I would miss a great deal of kinetic capacity… just like without my jacket, but in a way bigger scale of impact.

Anyway, i felt like sharing this nice moment and the trail of thoughts it put me on.


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

One thought on “memories with and through (not of) a jacket”

  1. I really like the trail of thoughts here. With certainty, this is true for everyone….our even always taking the same route somewhere though there is much to see by going another way…even perhaps a way that offers to deliver us more quickly to the destination. What I like even more is that you…and not everyone who can do this…are so aware of yourself that you notice these things. It is a rare gift and gives me much hope for a brighter and kinder world.


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