bike maintenance service subscription

I had this thought today – have an idea who could make this happen?
… I would love to pay 5 to 10 Euro per month for a “bike maintenance service subscription”. I have a cheap bike that i ride from the train station to work and back. I am really bad at fixing/maintaining bikes myself and would love for it to just always work.
It would work something like this: I subscribe to the standard-package with one check per week at the train station. That covers little repairs, air, chain-oil, brake- and gear-adjusting. In my account on a website I can book additional tasks like installing light or changing a tire. I can also set a maximum cost-range wherein the service-person can choose to run unforeseen middle to larger repairs by their own judgement and i will automatically be charged for it. Suggestions beyond my set range I can approve, disregard or comment on. I could book insurance for my bike or a temporary replacement option in case of violent demolition of my bike. On the day I subscribe to this service my bike gets a barcode-tag that they use to locate my bike on the bike-parking-lot amongst the increasing number of bikes that are in their service prgtam. I get a new locker to which both me and the service personnel get a key for. I will be asked about my work schedule so that they can note down times where my bike is available for maintenance. I can change this later in my account online. Once everything is set up, the service runs smooth & friendly and I don’t need to worry about bad early-morning surprises like lost air or bad brakes anymore. The personnel of this service would have no interest in treating my bike badly to “over-repair” it, because they are paid by hours and not by bike. In fact they are very nice and trustworthy people who really love bikes. They even name some of the bikes they take care of. Sometimes I would choose to pick up my bike from the train station at the end of a scheduled maintenance, just so that I get to have a little chat with my bike-guy before I jump on my freshly updated vehicle :)


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

One thought on “bike maintenance service subscription”

  1. I say….post the suggestion…might be a few people like you who would love the service…and a few who are looking for ways to make some extra money…sometimes at odd hours and on their own free time. Seems a cooperative adventure/venture destined to be manifest.


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