a collage of unseen statuses

After writing that title i realize that can also be understood in (at least) two more directions that i didn’t intend to dwell on (for now). One being something like drafted status-updates that never got posted or those that didn’t get (enough) attention – the other one being social roles/statuses that are rarely being recognized nor appreciated.

Well, certainly room for more language-twists here – but what i meant were the statuses of a product during it’s production-line or the statuses of work in the work of a politician. Both of which we typically only see highlights or final products.

The other day i sat in the kitchen and was pondering about how little i know about the plants that the peppercorns in my pepper mill must come from. This lead me to thinking how interesting it would be to make a collage of unseen statuses. Imagine a kitchen where all the typical ingredients are replaced with the same product, but in a different stage of production. So the pepper-plant would grow out of the pepper mill, the salt shaker would be filled with ocean-water, there would be leaves of sugar-plants hanging out of a cup of tea (that would allow the tea to be in final stage though, also a nice version to think of mixed statuses across the kitchen), the sausage would be replaced by… well, i leave that to your imagination. Besides being irritating and amusing i imagine this being quite eye-opening to the journeys that our everyday-products have been gone through by the time we consume them.

The same pattern could be applied to document the working-life of a politician for instance. The public face of a politician is often all too reduced to highlights, statements, dramas and polls. The media is filtering out (it has to because of it’s systemic construction) all the non-exciting parts where the viewers are not stimulated to get opinionated about. As an intervention i would find it fascinating to ask people to watch a one-hour documentary that only shows really “boring” everyday tasks and then maybe one or two “highlights” from the politicians perspective as just another task that for some reason deserves public interest and causes opinions all over the place – some of which are grounded in competence whereas most of which serve for nothing more than an emotionally resonant story of indignation on beer-fueled social gatherings.

It’s kind of in line with the idea G3 in my last post. I think i will continue to post this kind of ideas for art installation / intervention things here once in a while. Maybe someone picks up on it…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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