some recent things

things i’ve been thinking/making lately:

A) three sequence-analysis algorithms

B) Synthetic Synesthesia pdf

C) Pattern Language of Newness pdf

D) a note about Einstein’s consciousness-level-quote

E)  video-morphing 6 face-pictures of myself in different ages

F) idea for extended StreetMuseum app; with leaving notes in the past, adding future axis (e.g. to share drafts, suggestions for designing public spaces), augmented view of canals below the street with their water-flow in real-time, real-time view of electricity/food-supplies in+out of the city > all to create a perspective of the city as a habitat for humans over the centuries and the infrastructure it takes to run such an endeavor (see also this).

G) three ideas for short movies:

G1) A cat forgot how to use her four legs, the movie follows her as she mimics the walking style/pattern of other animals to find out about the best way to walk. It becomes obvious how much the right configuration matters by seeing how labour-intensive it is to find it out.

G2) A big tube, rotating slowly, walls in changing colors, representing emotions. A man inside, crawling and jumping up and down inside from side to side, slow and fast at times, representing emotionality. A duplicate of the same man comes. He walks perfectly straight through the tubes, representing pure reason, no emotionality. From time to time the reason-man extends a measurement-tape from himself to his emotional counterpart who’s always nestled towards the wall of the tube, without blinking, just measuring, observing ‘himself’. Reason-man get’s slowly seduced by emotions and finds himself also drawn to the walls at some point. Second duplicate walks into the tube and measures both of his other selves while attempting to be absolutely pure this time. The inner observer who observes the observer…

G3) Contrasting comfort and saved-time in two different times. Let’s say 1800 and 2012. The movie plays in 2012. You see a person writing and sending an email. After pressing send he has to sit and just wait for 20min, the time it took for a person in 1800 to write a letter; the same activity on a previous technological level. Same scene with a washing-machine, a meal and a phone call and some more. The viewer should really feel the boredom of having to sit and wait. It becomes clear how we use the newly won time to do something. What do we do with it? How soon do we loose the awareness of this time-gift and fill it with new things so that it will feel completely inacceptable and almost insulting to be suggested to wash ones cloths by hand instead of using the laundry.


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “some recent things”

  1. What is always in my heart when I read your work…is how brilliant you are. I read that you are going to Mexico City. I have a friend there that I think would be a good contact for you. She works for the newspaper and does many amazing things, too. Also, you can see what I’m up to by checking out….for a look at the land and the plan. Would love to have you stop by on your way to or from somewhere. XX Susan


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