cloud-being and moon-rays

here’s to share two magic moments from my yester-day…

a dancing cloud-being that waved at my mum and me as we were biking through the lovely Allgäu landscape in Bavaria, Southern Germany…. what story does it tell?



and here one photo of a series of a night-moon-clouds-steeple-photo-exploration that i did with my dad last night. you can see the whole exhibition here :)



Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

4 thoughts on “cloud-being and moon-rays”

  1. As always….so One….so beautiful….some might say genius….
    Stay in love with the earth, please….from where you are to where I am….we place so much love and … yes, sometimes adoration. Doing what we can…is what we can do.




  2. I think clouds are formed by spirits and entities. Clouds representing something pleasant are good spirits of light. Dark and threatening clouds are probably nasty dark spirits…;)


  3. Maybe chemtralis(hope I am wrong),there are lot of them in Croatia too. Soil in my garden is full of heavy metals and I am planning to grow some plants to get rid of them(aluminium,barij…)


  4. Browsing through Internet I came across your profile on another website and went through the ‘night-moon-clouds-steeple-photo-exploration’, beautiful images, I have copied a couple of them to paint on canvas. Thanks for the share :)


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