spheres, stories and capacities

This is gonna be a rough post – put together on the train through Germany on the way to England… there might not be a coherent line through it… so i leave the cracks open for you to appreciate them ;)

A few weeks ago i was listening to a speech by Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán in TEDxCeiba in Bogotá on corruption. He showed a video of an old man getting robbed on the streets and the compassion was tangible in the room – then he showed a document with a lot of text and a number with many zeros at the bottom and explained to us that this was a recent case of corruption where this amount of money got stolen, which had a very bad effect on the lives of millions of people in Colombia. There were judging voices but no compassion tangible in the room. And that was his point… we don’t have the capacity to comprehend this kind of information emotionally! Even so this corruption-case affected millions of lives negatively we feel far more immediate compassion with seeing the old man getting robbed. This are our mirror neurons copying the other in us – we literally suffer their pain in us… biologically a very important function. However, as we’ve reached scales on many levels long ago that are far beyond any access for our biological compassion-system it’s more than timely to investigate ways of comprehending this kind of information with our bodies.

Another example on that line is the movie “Das Rad”, i blogged about it earlier. This short amusing animation-movie scales an enormously huge time-context into a format where we can feel direct touch. At least i remember feeling a strong sense of anger and urgency about humans on earth when watching it.

Metaphors do that – they scale a large context into a format that we can overlook and relate to emotionally.


the universe in a nutshell


From context-depth comes informed intuition




The personal capacity to derive your actions and decisions here and now with respect to the bigger waves… honoring your immediate affection but developing listening skills to derive meaningful contractions based on weak signals and rivers – before the shift hits the fan :)



So, let’s sphere it :)




Pieces of art like “Das Rad” can build a bridge into your sphere of immediate transformational impact… but it might not be strong enough for it to cause a behavior change in you. Often when several bridges come together we pull a circle closer to our intimate sphere. Conscious evolutionary manipulation i would call the art form of creating spaces where this bridges can happen in form of media, group dynamics, personal experience, stories and so on… how to make it matter.

Pull the system into the body. Our intuitive intelligences are SO capable… they just need to be fed, trusted and put into their playground. As our body IS this highly interdependent self-organized hypercomplex system we are the best living metaphor to comprehend complex systems out there. Having said that there is also a statement to make about the ‘danger’ of scaling up metaphors – it’s fine to scale the universe into the nutshell… but if you then make new insights in the nutshell it’s tricky to interpret that back into the universe as there are a few more dynamics to consider. Also often we use the metaphor of a person to describe the group spirit… it is understandable that we tend to do that – just to say that there is complete new dynamics at play. Are we learning to really name, describe and utilize emerging group beings beyond treating them as people?

An ancient way to bridge that gap is story. it has always been the tool to pull together pieces from all over into a coherent stream.



Systemic change needs a group of people to lean into the opportunity for it to happen… for example a local community that start their own currency system!

Let’s take a bold look at group capacities on the evolutionary horizon, in my eyes:


you’re welcome to share how this stuff finds you :)


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

4 thoughts on “spheres, stories and capacities”

  1. Nice, nice, my love! I really love your visuals – what software do you use?

    For many years, one of my personal practices has been to bring things in to my heart space in the way you are describing. Taking big numbers and abstract concepts like poverty and hunger, tuning in to individual stories and then stepping into them to feel empathically what the reality is.

    I believe it is something that all humans are hardwired to be capable of – we only need to think of doing it. It is a practice I thoroughly recommend.

    Sending you love, as always, dear Benjamin. Be well.


  2. ooh, thank you dear, wonderful to read you here :) “heart space” is a much better term to use then “sphere of immediate transformational impact”, haha, thank you!!
    i’d love to hear you sharing more about how this practice evolved for you… do you feel your empathic capacities are increasing?
    i remember from Joanna Macy; hear the earth crying in you…

    i am using apple’s Pages, that’s very easy to use and i like how things come out…
    big hug to you from London


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