Jim – Child of the Earth

a new open chapter after the first children’s book “Ami – Child of the Stars” from Enrique Barrios 

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Jim – Child of the Earth by Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

It was one year after my adventure with Ami, the child from the stars. I was on vacation again with my grandma in the small and quit town on the California coast.
Many things have happened in my life since Ami opened my eyes widely to the wonders of this earth and our universe – in the last weeks though i felt this longing growing in me to be with Ami again. Something in me felt ready for a new level of initiation. I felt so much energy in me that has been awakened and wants to move somewhere. And for some reason i knew that i would meet Ami again this vacation.
But as i indeed heard his voice in the first night crystal-clear in my mind i was so surprised and felt a huge wave of euphoria and excitement – i even had to hold my mouth with both hands to not scream of excitement, which would wake up my grandma.

Without big introduction Ami started talking to me inside my head: “Hi Jim, i send you greetings from many many galaxies far away. I am reaching out to you tonight because the supercomputer has registered that your love measures have reached the next level after they have been continuously increasing since we last met. I want to thank you deeply for really listening to the message i brought to you – you started seeing the world through new eyes and that allowed a whole new wave of learning for your mind and soul. Thank you for being who you are Jim.”

I was so incredible happy and proud to hear this from Ami that i could feel how this energy was about to pump up my ego to the sky and beyond… so after i had a little moment of feeling like the king of the world and then judging myself for that thought i decided to not block this wave from happening right now but to surrender to its flow with the momentum… i started visualizing how my ego is just a helpful skin that holds the integrity around the embodiment of my soul – so i saw on my inner eye how this mental layer of who i think i am, grew vastly into the cosmos, and then… just faded away! And in the moment i was completely accepting that this was happening i felt how this beautiful energy was pouring right from my heart into the universe… a huge river of love and light flowing from my heart.

Then i realized that i was also able to direct this energy to the people close to me and send waves of love into their hearts. I could feel the love growing the more i share and finally i saw on my inner eye how my love was holding the whole planet earth in a glowing light… then i wasn’t sure anymore if it was flowing out of my heart and into the earth or from the earth into my heart… and it didn’t matter as i felt it was the same. Oh yes, i could feel how i was so so ready for this and it felt there was no doubt this would happen, but i needed Ami to trigger it.

Wow… i was lying profoundly joyful in my bed and found myself laughing about the thought of calling this experience a “cosmic orgasm”. I heard Ami joining my laughter in my mind with his beautiful crystal-voice. In the rhythm of his laughter i noticed how different it is from any laughter i heard on planet earth and i was wondering if i could learn to laugh like that or if laughing is something that comes with birth.

Ami spoke to me: “Haha, you are the first i hear reflecting about extraterrestrial laughing-rhythms, let’s explore that some other day! Hey, great Jim, you passed the threshold of ego, you transcended it by accepting it!
Now we can continue – i am sensing a readiness in you. That’s why i cam coming to you tonight in your dreams. The supercomputer knows that you earthlings are getting closer to an evolutionary leap and that for us extraterrestrials the next step is to support the process of connecting the emerging cells of awakening around the planet and especially empower those who are already manifesting the new ground. Everything you need is already on this planet, it’s a matter of connecting and sharing what really matters, stepping onto new ground boldly and lightly together. How is that for you to hear?”
“Oh Ami” i said, “i am so happy you are with me again – i am feeling exactly what you are telling me, i have all this energy that wants to move, grow and explore. So let’s go!! Tell me – to which galaxy are we flying now?”

Ami laughed his unique laughter and i could feel how much i had been missing him – he continued: “Jim, as i said, everything is already on planet earth, we don’t need to travel beyond at this time – let me take you tonight to Colombia, i want to introduce you to two beautiful young women. And another night i might introduce you to earthlings in other countries…”

“yeah, sounds fantastic Ami, i am more than ready! I heard amazing things about women in Latin America.”

Ami laughed: “haha Jim, i noticed this new energy in you earlier too with the ‘cosmic orgasm’ – you are getting into your teenager-years. It’s a powerful and beautiful energy that is growing in this age – i invite you to experience it very consciously and look for the inner beauty besides the outer beauty… but i know that you are doing that already, so i am not worried. Another time we can talk about new forms of love and sexuality that transcend the contraction of jealousy… ways of loving and being intimate in alignment with the Fundamental Law of the Universe.
But let’s go now. Jim, i want you to play this song “Devi Prayer – Hymn to the Divine Mother” on your computer – it has been made by very conscious human beings and will bring your brain waves into wider frequencies – and then think about everything you know about Colombia, that will support me in initiating the dream-jump for us to go there.”

“Ehm…” i responded very amused by the fact that Ami asks me to put on a song on youtube – but sure, why not. So i did it… as the beautiful music puts me back into a half-dream state and i said to Ami: “well, besides beautiful women… oh wait, hah, i remember having tasted this raw sugar they call Panela a while ago and i liked it so much!”.

“haha, ok, that will work Jim, you think about beautiful women and Panela and i’ll get us over there.”

A few seconds later i was completely lulled into the magic of this music.
I saw how Ami and me were zooming away from California and flying high over America to take course on Colombia and fly down towards Bakata (Ami whispered to me that this is the real name of this city, not Bogotá) – it was like the effect in google earth when you type a new address and it fly’s you there – with the difference that it was me in person flying there, or at least my dream-self? i don’t know, i was in Ami-world. Well, was i? I found myself thinking that i’d like to learn this ways of telepathy and dream-travelling myself, so that i don’t need Ami for doing it. He whispered to me: “I am so glad that you found that exact thirst in you. I was about to invite you to that attitude but it’s so much better that it comes from within you!”.

We were getting closer to the city and were flying towards a house – for a moment i was worried if the landing will hurt but as we got to the roof we were simply gliding through it and landed smoothly on two couches. Amused by my own worries i thought; of course, how else would you land in a dream-travel.

In front of us on the floor of this living room was a young beautiful woman sitting with her eyes closed and playing a drum – actually in a similar rhythm to Ami’s laughter i noticed. On the drum there was a rainbow circle and the web of life in it (i knew that because my grandma showed it to me recently). On top of the web and the rainbow circle was a flying humming-bird.
There was a yellow glow around this woman. I got shy as my eyes were wandering over her body and i felt her beauty as a heat-wave through my whole body. Now she stopped playing the drum and slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. A wonderful smile was spreading its wings in her face as she looked to Ami and back to me. I was so fascinated that i couldn’t imagine ever using simple words again to describe something. The woman said: “Hello you two! My name is Luna. Thank you for bringing Jim here, Ami. I knew that this is happening tonight so i was playing the drum for you to find me easier. Jim, Ami has taken me on a journey like he did with you many years ago. This initiation allowed me to play the game of the adults but keep my inner child bright and curious. Ok, let me share some of what’s alive here these days.”

What followed was a truly amazing and rich story that Luna told us about this woman ‘Regina’ that is said to have initiated the global peace movements 1968 by sending her prayers from Mexico and giving her life to awaken the sacred volcano there, one of many nostrils of planet earth. All of them will wake up in different times, and each opens a new portal of consciousness for humanity she said.
I thought to myself that the reason must be some change in the frequency of the earth turning through the change in mass-proportion inside and outside the earth-crust through the eruption that will then have an effect on the magnetic field and so on… but with thinking that it might also be ok to not find a scientific solution right away, i closed this thread of thoughts.
Luna told us that the message that Colombias nostril brings is the prayer of the goddess (i had to think of the beautiful song that Ami asked me to put on and that i could still hear in the background of our shared dream here and now) and of healing our internal and external waters, Colombia is the water-country she said.

Then Luna invited us to sit with her on the floor and started drawing on the big map that she was sitting on while telling about the web of life and how we people are like cells of one global brain that is waiting to awakening to it’s consciousness. And she told us about the condor, the eagle and the hummingbird and how this relates to all different kinds of myths, children stories and indigenous wisdom. Just as i was about to get dizzy in my head and wanted to ask her for the way to the toilet just to get a break, i heard Ami saying in mind: “Listen Jim, not only to the story, don’t worry about all the details – listen to what she is doing on an energetic level. Your mind is trying to make sense of all immediately and that is making it difficult for your whole body to listen.”.
Ok, not really knowing what Ami meant with ‘listening on an energetic level’ i was following his advice to turn down my intellectual teeth that were chewing on the served meal to swallow it quickly instead of exploring the taste – i was really happy about this metaphor by the way and i heard Ami giggling.

Luna continued talking about symbols, colors and how specific names mean this and that in relation to other stories and star constellations.
I found myself thinking that this is an intense version of an esoteric, spiritual and symbolic merry-go-round. And i was impressed how much she know about her roots and the stories that were present on this land since thousands of years – i decided that i want to learn more about my own roots and got a bit angry actually that i haven’t been told more about this things, i am sure we have our own myths and stories in my land – why do they not tell us?
Luna asked me about my birthday to find out its meaning in the Maja-calendar and suddenly i was in the middle of this story and she constructed all this connections around me and why it’s important to meet this person, read this book or go to that place. Then Luna asked me a question were i thought i should answer by referring to something she said earlier – ashamed i told her that i don’t know what she meant and expected her to be disappointed. Instead she smiled so beautifully at me that my heart was jumping and she said to me looking so deep into my eyes that i was sure she was looking right into my soul: “you are a sleeping beauty, but i know you will understand”.
I got a bit provoked by being called ‘sleeping beauty’ – i mean indeed i was meeting her in a dream but i understood that she meant something else with that. Didn’t Ami just tell me about my high love measures, oh yeah, i was almost enlightened! Oha, there we were again, my ego was claiming its ground and i started laughing – both Luna and Ami joined in and we had a joyful bonding moment through that.

Luna continued talking about this net that we are weaving together and explained me who contributed to this map of people and symbols that we were sitting around and what their place in the net is. I asked her how much time it took to plan all of this and who thought about this huge synthesis of so many threads – Luna put her golden smile on and told me that she had no clue about what she was inviting her friends into in the beginning. She was following a path that has been laid out for her in a ceremony with sacred plants and her whole life prepared her for this she said. So she just knew that we had to do this. As they went along things made more and more sense. And she told me about some very concrete projects that are meanwhile ready to get started or started already, coming from this very core. I was so impressed and started to see more of what Ami must have meant with the energetic level. This was almost like a collaborative piece of art that takes bits and pieces from so many different lineages and traditions, weaving it together into a big symphony that is relevant here and now.

While Luna drew some new connections in different colors that she seemed to have realized while talking to us i heard Ami thinking to me: “Exactly, this is her gift, she has the energy of the hummingbird and the rainbow – pulling many threads together from different pools of knowledge, not caring to much about the correctness of every single connection or symbol-patchwork as this nodes can still be corrected later. This will be the task of the eagles and condors, to stay with the mythic symbols that are present here in Latin America. The eagle will construct the rational, technological and scientific part in all the details and arguments with his sharp eyes and hunter-energy. Then the condor comes with it’s slow and deep wing flaps and weaves the new into the roots of the old and makes sure that knowledge is connected to wisdom to build a strong platform for life to take place.
Luna is uniting the diversity of many human roots into a new coherent story – or at least the blueprint of the story is getting more and more shape. But it had to start with pure energy and no concrete direction since something that can go in all directions starts to grow in the centre. Luna has such a free spirit that she can jump between world views, mental models, stories, myths and cultures in grace and beauty. She can drive adults completely crazy while doing that because they are so concerned about the integrity of each cultural branch and spiritual pathway. Which is also important to keep the diversity, but it’s more than timely to weave new horizontal connecting threads into all the vertical silos that humans created, too fascinated by the power of their minds. So what Luna does is that she breaks the silos gracefully in her wild dance of meaning-making. People who are touched by her energy-winds can get very provoked or irritated but if they listen with their inner child they will get profoundly inspired and will join this or their own weaving (which is not important as it’s carried by the same frequency and intention) sooner or later.
You know Jim – every society that evolves to a level where their minds create this abundance of information and belief-systems, reaches a point where it’s just too much and people start feeling lost in all this and are seeking nothing more than hints of what to do and where to go in this painfully huge freedom while they are at the same time tied to the system in the belief that they have to make money to survive – this is another important topic to learn about some other night; how communities are starting their own local sustainable economies to stop being dependent on the big dysfunctional global system.
So what Luna does energetically, besides the very concrete relevance and beauty of the story she’s weaving, is helping to discover and train the inner muscle of making sense in abundance of scattered pieces – by arranging them, at least temporarily, around symbols and intuitive pathways. Which is a crucial update to install in consciousness at this stage of evolution.”

Now i was certainly dizzy and thought to Ami: “Ohh, this was quite something. I think i understand what Luna is doing energetically – but can you please explain how that relates to the evolution of humans? and what do you mean with installing an update in consciousness??”

Ami responded: “No worries Jim, i got a bit carried away there in my flow here, maybe Luna’s vibration affected me, haha. I will explain it to you again for sure, maybe i can take you some other night to an earthling that can tell you more about data and sense-making. If you look at the steep learning curve humans have been taking with online communication it seems to me like a playground where you are calling forth the next level of face to face and group communication – much more subtle and able to process more information elegantly and meaningful than you do practise now. The next level of collective intelligence when you put the computers out of the way again and start implementing their lessons directly between you people. That’s why i was using a metaphor from that field.”

Luna finished the new connections in the map and told me that this new connections were made because of me. I was between shocked and surprised and said to her: “What? but how? I hardly told you anything about me?”. Luna laughed beautifully and responded saying: “That’s not important – your pure presence has showed me many new connections – the clarity of your being has inspired new clarity in parts of the net – i am grateful for your contribution!”. “Wow, that’s great, you are most welcome.” i told her in my most charming voice.

“Ok you two beautiful angels,” Luna said after a break in which we were both doing nothing but enjoying the circulation of energy between the two of us, “i am tired now and will go to sleep – thank you so much for your visit, i love you.
And Jim, i could hear in your thoughts that you felt a bit lost on the way, so to satisfy your hungry mind a bit – i am working on different forms of manifesting this through stories, maybe a theatre play and let’s see what other forms come up.”.
“Ohh, could you read my thoughts too??” i asked. Luna said: “Only small parts of it, the main ideas. I am learning telepathy – or better to say, i am unlearning the noise that blocks me from hearing this subtle frequencies. But that’s another chapter – and i think Ami will take you now to a dear friend of me that can share more with you about that”. Again amazed i told her “wow, wonderful – well, it will be an honor and pleasure for me to learn more about your colorful story Luna. Let’s meet again in our dreams, maybe next time i can do it without Ami.”

We hugged each other for a long time, but i could have gone on for much longer. Then Ami and me were floating up from the living-room floor waving to Luna and then flew through the roof into the sky above Bakata.

Wow, there was so much to talk about – but before i could start talking to Ami he thought to me: “… yes, and if there is so much to talk about it’s good sometimes to be silent together – let me bring you to our second and last visit tonight.”.

We were flying slowly above Bakata and i couldn’t believe how huge this city was, no end visible. Now we were already going down again, towards a row house. Effortlessly we moved through the roof and some walls to land sitting on a couch. And there was – on the other side of us and a little table – a beautiful young woman sitting, looking at us with a warm smile were i could clearly read that she wasn’t surprised either to welcome us in her mother’s home. And i don’t knew how i came to know that fact that this was her mother’s home, i just knew. I noticed that i had much more information available – if i just accept that i know, without questioning why i know.

“Hello Jim, hello Ami” she said, “my name is Sofía, i have been calling you here with my thoughts, i am so glad you came.”.

I got confused; wasn’t Ami the one planning this trip with me at night? How come both Luna and Sofía were expecting us and Sofía was even saying that she was the one that invited us? “A beautiful confusion you arrived in Jim,” Ami thought to me, “i can tell you that things sometimes are not going from one planning-end to one accepting-end, sometimes it meets in the middle. I did not plan to bring you to these two women, i just knew. So both intentions – from the supercomputer telling me to connect you to other awakening people on your planet and these two women inviting us somehow met in the middle and we are creating reality around that right now. “. “Ok, great.” i said, not knowing what else to say but feeling so impressed with everything and even more impressed that i could accept it all as it is.

For some reason exactly knowing when our thought-conversation was over Sofía continued talking: “You are here Jim that i can share this game with you that came to me recently in a dream. Let me explain to you.
Here is a bowl that represents ’emptiness’. And here we have a stick that represents ‘presence’. Here on top of this paper i am drawing four basic shapes – a circle, a triangle, a cross and a drop. Now you will start by taking the presence-stick and silently choose one of these four shapes. Without talking you will send this shape to me with your thoughts since i am the emptiness to receive it – once i feel i received it i will take this pen and draw the centre of the mandala using the shape you sent me. If the shape i drew was the actual shape you sent to me you can keep the presence-stick and we repeat the round with a new shape you choose. If the shape i drew was different than the one you sent me, we will switch presence and emptiness and it will be my turn to send you a shape with my thoughts. Then i would send you one of the four shapes with my thoughts and you draw the one you received from me into the mandala. Do you understand these rules Jim?” “Oh yes, i think i got it.” i replied very curious how this will go and already slightly worried about not getting the messages right.

So we started and Sofía got the circle i sent to her and drew a circle into the middle of our emerging mandala. In the next round i sent her the triangle shape and also that one she got right, so she drew four triangles around the circle in the middle. My turn again, i was sending the triangle again but Sofía drew four drops between the triangles in the mandala. I could feel how i got a feeling of having done something wrong because i wasn’t clear enough in my thought-message – Sofía however was just smiling at me with so much love that my self-judgement melted away. We swapped presence and emptiness and i concentrated on receiving a shape from Sofiá’s thoughts. And to my great surprise and also pride i received the cross and it turned out to be right.
We continued this process for quite a while – we had things right, things wrong, back and forth. And at some point i was enjoying the growing mandala more than focusing on right or wrong, it didn’t really matter anymore because eventually every shape will contribute to the mandala and it looks beautiful anyway. Very fascinating i thought, how the telepathy-mandala allows us to build together, where both right or wrong shapes are an equal part of the creation. It brings so much peace and acceptance to not contract everytime we do something wrong. I started to love this exercise very much. At some point Sofiá introduced two more symbols, a spiral and a dot. I loved the possibilities this shapes gave to our lovely mandala, in every round it was growing in complexity and beauty somehow.
A bit later we both came to a point where we felt the mandala was complete and i looked at in with a warm feeling of accomplishment – somehow this mandala is a living map of all thought-messages that have been sent and received between us – i looked at is as the only one that could possibly have emerged between the two of us right here right now. All the ‘wrongs’ were just ‘rights’ in different clothes somehow.
I asked her in what way she visualized the messages to me and was fascinated to hear how she sends them into me and imagine them blossoming inside of me while i was more filling the whole room outside of her with the symbol when i was sending it to her.

I bowed to Sofía as i felt this was an essential teaching she gave me. Not knowing what will come from this but something big shifted in me.

She smiled like an angel to me and gave me an amazingly beautiful warm and long hug – i felt there was so so much information exchanging in that moment. Since we practiced the exchange between our minds it seems our bodies also have to tell a whole library of stories to each other. I was so touched by the hugs of Luna and Sofía and i thought that nothing smaller than the energy of the shining sun would be the appropriate metaphor for what i imagine happening when the two of them hug each other. As Ami whispers in my mind in that moment “her son is called ‘angel of the sun'” i felt the water rising in my eyes and as in that moment her little son came walking from another room and stood next to Sofía with one hand on her knee, looking at me with a glowing innocent smile and eyes that knew everything and had no doubt – some beautiful and joyful drops of tears were flowing down my face…

“I am so glad we had this time together Jim” Sofía said, “you know, i am just starting to experiment with this – so i’d like you to keep that in mind if you want to try that with your friends. It’s very young for me too, let’s refine the methodology. And it is an entry into a field – so i invite you to go ahead and explore this and other forms and ways too, free you mind to invent this helpful structures and let’s be in learning relationship around this. Its the time now to be playful and inventive with these tools as we are reaching for a new field that these tools are pointing us towards.”

“Sounds wonderful to me – and i’ll make sure to hold the integrity around this and only share it when the conditions are there for it to be heard.” i said to her while my presence was still in the deep and never-ending tunnel of wisdom that ‘angel of the sun’ was holding for me with his eyes. I had the grateful feeling of having been invited into something amazing at the start of it and knowing that there is already a new generation of shining children on their way that have and will develop amazing skills effortlessly.

Without more words we said goodbye to each other and flew outside of this room and into the sky above Bakata. Higher and higher above Colombia and then took course towards my home in California – i had a moment of wondering about ‘home’ and what that word means to me.
As we were flying Ami told me: “I could hear in your reflections during the game that you were already understanding the essence of it – it is indeed a genius way of luring the judging-mind that you humans have into a piece of co-created art in form of the mandala and thereby melt the pressure of right and wrong that is dictating so much of your thoughts and actions. You know – you could do or be absolutely anything right now if you would stop doubting! But doubt and judgement creates the gap between you and your divine self. That’s why i love Sofía so much for this exercise and to be honest – we didn’t even think about that twist yet in our “aid plan” for humanity – it’s so fantastic because it opens a whole new portal into accepting the human assets of ego and judgement and taking them gently into a piece of art so that their energy is respected but put into a different playground so that your soul has space to learn – or better to say it in Luna’s words, to unlearn the noise that’s separating us from divine connection to the whole field information in the universe.”

“Well said Ami” i responded, “i reflected indeed along these lines but your words hit the nail, as usual, haha. And yes, i can feel how this opens opportunities for subtle learning and necessary unlearning…”
Meanwhile we reached the little village on the coast and were flying into my bedroom, after a little detour of checking grandmas sleep. It was weird to see my own body laying in my bed and sleeping – and i had a moment of painfully longing to be back in there and immersing myself fully into the physical bodily experience of being a human on earth!
“Wonderful, that’s a beautiful feeling you have there Jim,” Ami shared with me, “and no worries, you’ll be back in there in just a minute and wake up a few hours later fresh and ready for an amazing day on this planet.
This was our journey for tonight – maybe i can take you somewhere else another night. And i invite you to look out for the gifts in people, there are many more doing amazing ground-work for the new consciousness that humanities deeper soul is getting ready to reach.
And… just in case you want to stay in touch – i added Sofía’s and Luna’s email to your address book on your computer, hehe.”

“Haha Ami” i laughed, “why am i not surprised that you can use my computer without typing on it.
Oh my friend, thank you so so much for this dream-journey, i love you! And in a few hours when i wake up i will write this story down while my memory is still fresh.”

“Fantastic, thank you Jim, you are wonderful. Be well my friend, we’ll meet again…”

“Ciao Ami, you rock!”

THE END (for now – meanwhile it’s your turn)


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

3 thoughts on “Jim – Child of the Earth”

  1. I am so grateful to be a part of the web of connectedness in your life. Yes, I saw all the potential in you and offer, always, to remain in that role that feels so right….as you continue to move into the fullness of who you are. Sending love your way…may all your adventures be loving ones…



  2. Touching your soul or better said touching our souls together my tent neighbor at Atlantida, lets meet some of these nights in our dreams. I loved listening and reading this awakening story. Luz, amor y paz para ti.



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