dear stranger | warming interpersonal space


yesterday here in Bogotá in the Transmileno-bus on the way to TEDxCeiba… thinking about earlier reflections around peoples character… touched by so much beauty and personality… love-waves rushing through my system – triggers cognitive reservoirs of ‘transparent bodies‘ and ‘public compassion’ and bleeds out into a coherent stream of notes as the emotional wave keeps flowing…
a new attractor called ‘dear stranger’ installs in my cognitive/emotional pool and invites pieces of thoughts to pour their nectar into this vibrating inner attention to synergize meaning into a new more coherent shape…


Dear stranger,

the physical body is the visible manifestation of you – how can i see your fully extended body? how can i build a better you in me? what contexts, fields, constellations and pattern sequences can i witness your depth and full responsive intelligence in

how have you been all this years? how come it took us our lifetime till now to have this eye-contact?

i witness a second-long window into your life… i see your style of walking, i see your eye-brow going up as you seem to calculate your walking pathway through the upcoming bottleneck of crowded people… i have a quick shy admiring look at your breasts… i can hear a fragment of your breathing rhythm as you pass me and catch a breeze of your smell… i send a wave of light your way and sense how it’s bending and taking shape in your aura – where is it opening and where contracting… how it comes back to me… then you disappear in the crowd…

i close my eyes and i let the energy of your physical appearance and your movements draw patterns on my inner eye… i am extending the fragment i saw of you in me… i am giving you an inner platform to complete a gestalt-cycle of a universal breath manifesting through you here and now… i send you winds of love and good intentions – i wish you a beautiful life!
i am observing what ripples your energy is creating in me… i am extrapolating that experience-snippet and imagine how what i’ve seen from you is part of your life… if i’ve seen a tiny branch of the gigantic tree that you are… maybe i can climb a bit towards the trunk in my imagination, still tasting and holding your presence alive in me… sinking deeper into the beauty of this attraction…

should i run after you and say something? i decide to suffer that sweet pain of not knowing if i will ever see you again… i acknowledge this pain as an expression of life wanting to explore itself… following attraction, curiosity and symbols… circulating the outgoing energy of longing back in and send it around my energy body as medicine awakening me more and more to the wonder of this all… i see you so much for being uniquely you and at the same time i see the universe looking at itself through you… as one organ of a huge body just like me…

how would i be – having more of you in me? how would you be – having more of me in you? what immediate and long-term synergies might there be in our shared field? what obstacles and contractions would we encounter? who are you in intimate space? do you have wounds and contractions in your soul? how could i support you in the healing process? what are your eyes going to see in the next 12minutes, in the next 12 hours and the next 12 years? i hold you in your highest potential – without direction but in glowing energy. i honor the embodied symbol you are – for me and for the world. i know that i am you and you are me – just a different vehicle.

i look around in the bus… approximately 40 people here. that makes 780 different possible groups of 2 people within this bus – what a ressource pool… how many amazing connections are we not making right now? how many fantastic projects and even babies were knocking at the door of the bus but couldn’t get in because we stand and stare out of the window, are afraid of rejection and are to weak to cross the gap of not knowing…

what if we allow each other to see everything from each other… shame and judgement are not shadowing the interpersonal space anymore but are instead informing it with dynamic and colors. we allow all to be there… acknowledging the unique paths we’re on, making the experiences that we attract to grow… we are in this together, no?
can we learn to sense the sparks in the interpersonal space without talking? entering the wholeness of your sphere through different entries than words coming out of my mouth and you nicely responding to it. complexifying non-verbal communication…

can we learn to just be with the weirdness of misunderstandings and await emergence – our nonverbal space is more deep then we could reach with words, let’s source our encounter from there…

i see a rough young man, his eyes have seen much violence i sense… i wonder if he would rob me on the streets at night if we were alone? i wonder if he would kill me if i would resist? maybe… here in the safe zone it’s my chance to send him clear good intentions anyway. also he is me. if the building next to us breaks down and we are trapped in ruins with around one more minute to live – how would we look at each other?

i see a couple and sense into their third entity – how much they align their vibration and charge a shared container of meaning and behavioral patterns – synergizing and also polarizing…

what do you see?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

6 thoughts on “dear stranger | warming interpersonal space”

  1. Benjamin,

    Your post reminds me of a prayer that has carried me for the past five years:

    I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I deeply desire to expand, to experience, to know, to understand, to control, to use such greater energies and energy sytems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and those near and close to me. Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development and experience are equal to or greater than my own.

    and also Anais Nin:

    Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

    Cheers to the collective . . .


  2. Benjamin, do you know that your words are capturing the essence of humanity with so much sensuality and tenderness that it’s almost touchable?
    Yours are the words of a poet, of a painter, of a musician or a sculptor.
    A sculptor of feelings, sensations, ideas and strong attractions between our vulnerable human selves.

    I love to find one of my best twitter friend above in the comment, Jennifer. Wonderful serendipity…

    Your image on the top of your blog sums it all for me. Where did you find it? It reminds me the fantastic feeling I have when I swim in the ocean and as a little girl I used to marvel at the beauty of the water dropping from my arms and my fingers, as if they were magical wings. I would turn around and slide my hands softly on the surface of water, creating ripples, then swirling quicker and quicker, until waves were splashing with silver flashes… A sensation which I had forgotten, that is so difficult to articulate.
    This sensation was awakened by your image and your words, my friend stranger.
    Kepp on translating these deep feelings into meaningful connections, you are very talented.


  3. thank you my friend!

    Augen in der Großstadt

    Wenn du zur Arbeit gehst
    am frühen Morgen,
    wenn du am Bahnhof stehst
    mit deinen Sorgen:
    da zeigt die Stadt
    dir asphaltglatt
    im Menschentrichter
    Millionen Gesichter:
    Zwei fremde Augen, ein kurzer Blick,
    die Braue, Pupillen, die Lider –
    Was war das? vielleicht dein Lebensglück…
    vorbei, verweht, nie wieder.

    Du gehst dein Leben lang
    auf tausend Straßen;
    du siehst auf deinem Gang, die
    dich vergaßen.
    Ein Auge winkt,
    die Seele klingt;
    du hast’s gefunden,
    nur für Sekunden…
    Zwei fremde Augen, ein kurzer Blick,
    die Braue, Pupillen, die Lider –
    Was war das? Kein Mensch dreht die Zeit zurück…
    Vorbei, verweht, nie wieder.

    Du mußt auf deinem Gang
    durch Städte wandern;
    siehst einen Pulsschlag lang
    den fremden Andern.
    Es kann ein Feind sein,
    es kann ein Freund sein,
    es kann im Kampfe dein
    Genosse sein.
    Er sieht hinüber
    und zieht vorüber …
    Zwei fremde Augen, ein kurzer Blick,
    die Braue, Pupillen, die Lider –
    Was war das?
    Von der großen Menschheit ein Stück!
    Vorbei, verweht, nie wieder.

    (Kurt Tucholsky)


    1. Dear Jennifer, Marion and Gertrud, thanks for your comments – appreciate the manifestation of your presence here in that form so much!

      and how nice that your path are crossing here for a moment in this vast online ocean Jennifer and Marion :)
      thank you for this beautiful prayer Jennifer! cheers to the collective indeed…

      Marion, so heartwarming and inspiring to hear your appreciation of my writing! Gratitude!! Amazing to hear the sensational memory that this re-awakens in you… i can feel you in that… magical wings… silver flashes…
      hah, the image… i saw it on the Utopia website long ago and tracked the source down and bought it here – the photographer is Sophie from Berlin :)

      oh Gertrud, this is such a lovely touching video, thank you! i actually thought about doing this in video-form… but then i liked the idea better that i don’t ‘deliver images of strangers’ but that the reader get’s her/his own images of strangers while reading and matches these sensations to the next encounters :)

      so good this… pathways of meaning and care in abundance… abundance of people… every single one though holds gifts and beauty…


  4. Benjamin,
    Over the weekend I was listening to Peter Gabriel and his song “I have the touch” absolutely reminded me of this post.

    Intimacy = Into Me See.

    Have a great time at @gathering11.

    Many new hands to shake.


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