POOL :: ALGO | synergizing V1

It’s done, the first version of this is born!  5am in the morning i finished – and then i almost got overrun by a fast bus here on the streets in Bogotá…

May this find you well.

“A collective intelligence application framework.” – @goonth

“A cognitive fieldmap of collective intelligence, social interaction tools, process pattern sequences, field sensing and much more.” – @jascharohr, IPG


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

10 thoughts on “POOL :: ALGO | synergizing V1”

  1. Beautiful work, Benjamin. What a delicious convergence and summation of your thought processes on the social technologies of innovation and collaboration. You’re amazing.


  2. Ben, I’m translating your reflections about Colombia, and navigating around your fieldmap…
    this a nice exercise for a Sunday afternoon, surfing a bit of a glance of thoughts of an architect.
    It will be a pleasure to keep on weaving with you.


  3. Incredible, Benjamin. I loved this comment towards the end:

    “But it also comes with incredible opportunities – it gets less and less interesting to start my introduction with “i am Benjamin, 24 years old, from Germany…” these kind of standard categories are worn out and we find ourselves curious to access the wholeness of a human being from different angles…”


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