process-creature meets context

inspired by “social API” (application programming interface) from @gabrielshalom’s post in July where there has been dialogue going on around it… and following @technoshaman’s invitation to “transcend non-committal what-ifs and choose one area for a deep-dive learning journey”. so this area is it for me then :)

i have been writing about it many times, from the expression back to the impulse and Weber’s consistency of shape and called it realogies and fluid fractal organisms here and here. i will keep flirting with words and visuals to explore this. in me it makes so much sense… and i will need others to ignite it further.

here is a drawing i created for Maja and Carl as an assignment to draw the new paradigm: (click on it for higher resolution)

so this people are connected to each other and are shining in their unique expression. they can relate to each other in multiple ways at the same time. they are radiating their vibration out and in their middle pattern-threads are crystallizing – birthed in the relationships and finding their narrative by being formed through the interwoven vibrations. the patterns that are created in this organism are manifesting out in the world in many different ways… as the way lovers are with each other, they way we speak, the way we relate to the earth and so on. if you look carefully you can see that there are shapes re-occurring in the pattern-threads from inside to outside the group-organism.

thinking metaphors further… what if analogies and metaphors are not only nice creative images that help us understand – what if they are an entry into seeing the process-creatures that are alive behind the expression…

imagine the social situation that someone keeps asking you for a date and you keep saying no. then at some point he stops and then you get curious and lean a bit towards him >> isn’t it like a hand putting pressure on your chest that you are leaning against – and then you fall a bit forward when the hand is suddenly gone, until you find your balance again >> isn’t it like a ball that you press under water and when you let go it dives up and jumps into the air…

this is one example that i just remembered. there are endless others. when you start seeing them, you see them everywhere! it’s highly responsive/in-the-moment wisdom, that makes it so hard to write about if i haven’t collected many examples before (which i might just need to do)….

so as i see it atm, a social API has understood and to a certain degree formalized this meta/pre-creational energy-design before the narrative finds its way into an expression…. as this is what is cross-weaving all expert-areas and harvest everyones leading-edge in a way that we can share it very simple on the highest level of complexity…

sensing the process-creature behind the manifestation… liberating your perception to flash a particular dynamic out internally on another level of expression – detour over abstraction or direct… how is a process-creature inheriting fractals or parts of itself into other time-and-space-scale and context…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

One thought on “process-creature meets context”

  1. One of my inquiries – shared with others in Women Moving the Edge – is to sense into the purpose of these collective beings. You talk about ‘this organism’; do you have a sense of how and why specific groups of people come together – like the body of students in Kaospilots, the specific hosting team for a gathering etc., bigger than a friendship or a relationship – how that plays out in the energetic realms, before they actually meet in person; before it actually is manifest?


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