contribution to the 7th Wave Invocation

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what i call in now is a shared feeling of that we are in this together as an evolutionary family. and that we see, feel, honor and utilize each other as extended parts of our own body.

what i call in now is that we allow ourselves to see our inner-personal and inter-personal processes in an evolutionary light and for us to lean into an alignment of the unique personal and the shared collective trajectory.

what i call in now is for us to learn to globally host our many many initiatives, organizations and networks as concentrations in a wider field instead of framed boxes – for self-organizing forces to weave the huge mosaic into beauty.

what i call in now is a re-empowerment of the social body as an organism and a processor. and for us to consciously work on symbols and structures in our shared imagination that sets us up to operate and respond collectively intelligent.

what i call in now is for us to re-pattern ourselves and build new capacities in identifying with larger systems and larger times so that our actions can be directly informed through embodied anchors in the past and the future and in the far and the deep.


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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