empowering imagination

inspired and energized after a conversation with Elad and watching an Orland Bishop interview yesterday i came to think about empowering imagination! that phrase came to me and i sensed how it became a powerful attractor in seconds to assemble much of my previous thought-patterns around and leverage into something new… similar to what happened with the post on emerging social technologies – i love those moments when a new umbrella/meta-attractor is being offered and installed in my system :)

then i was alone at home at Maja’s wonderful apartment and luckily (!!) the internet was down, so i found myself putting music on, dancing around, playing with gorgeous cat Tessi and just celebrating life and creativity while i was writing a script on what i want to say about imagination… then it turned out to become a 34min video that might be quite long-lasting to watch, especially because there are a lot of ‘unflowing’ thinking-it-through-as-i-say-it moments in :) i thought about cutting those out later in the editing but then decided to see it as somewhat of a piece of art and to celebrate my imperfection :) while i was speaking i noticed many times that i would like to go back and erase and say it different and i keep thinking how else i could say it and if that could be understood ‘wrong’ and so on… acknowledging all my doubt and hesitation, i still (and especially) want to put it out like this as i am holding the intention to improve my speaking about these things, not only my writing.

it’s so interesting to notice for me how this things ‘erupt’ out of me in their own time – today i wouldn’t remember all of what i have talked about, it was alive in that moment and writing the script helped me to cover a broad range… now it collapsed back into my intuitive knowing and will be re-birthed as triggers occur

so anyway, here is work in progress… hopefully inspiring and a bit entertaining (it has a few surprises in it). if you watch all of it you deserve a big hug from me :) here you go…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

3 thoughts on “empowering imagination”

  1. Ah, well….thank you for offering a glimpse into your inner space. Here is the piece that got my fullest attention. What followed it was a silver smooth flow of the completion of the words:
    What is the structure that crystallizes meaning in my inner ocean? Offer me your stimulus and I will share back what sort of meaning and echo and ripples it takes in my inner world. What you want to have is a wide and deep sort of capacity of blowing up any stimulus in you in all directions like pow, pow, pow. Can you like run simulations and energies into all directions immediately and include your own emotions and your own meta reflections into that and how will that flow into group…? What are the human possibilities around this stimulus? You want to expose yourself to an environment where you broaden your inner horizon.

    What you are pointing to is who to incite a revolution … how to be the spark … how to create the capacity within people to be perfectly present to the moment and to themselves. I believe you can change the world and bring about your own revolution…inner and outer. I applaud your willingness to show us how as you experience it…and not be in the waiting to be perfect.

    Loving energy to you and to your work…

    Susan X


    1. grateful for the nuggets you are fishing out here Susan! …not waiting to be perfect – indeed! trusting that sharing the process towards something might just as important (or more) than the ‘something’… as it lays out resonance surfaces and landing plattforms for others to lean into that morphogenetic imprint…


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