generating symbols & interpreting symbols

when i wrote that piece about “moving the degree on how close the symbol-creating-engine is to the symbol-interpreting-processor” in my last post i had one of those moments to be on something! then this little chain of events; mentioning it again in my little harvest from the 2nd european salon, getting poked by Albert on FB what i mean by that and then a brilliant midnight conversation with my dad around it… so here’s some more to it and meta-note on video-blogging :)

and there is more to it than that… always :) and just to make sure, i totally honor and appreciate all ways of generating/birthing symbols!

its interesting to think about this trust/warmth that is necessary for me to allow something to be meaningful to me and how that is an analog layer to social reputation and following the academic/scientific truth rather than my own growing truth… belief and symbol… more thoughts to follow sometimes…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

6 thoughts on “generating symbols & interpreting symbols”

  1. I liked the notion of inner ocean and cristallizing meaning. One aspect why I was gratefull at The salon for yours and Hannos and Norwins part was, that you offered storytelling and sharing. For me that is a wonderfull methode to learn from and with each other and thus to make sense together. Sinninduktion. When you hear a story something may resonate inside you, as with songs.
    Who is -Tenneson Woolf- I don’t know him, but am very interested in how we make sense. How new ideas come into life…ich glaube, dass dabei immer eine innere Übersettzung notwendig ist, wie bei einer Geschichte. So geben wir der Welt und uns Bedeutung, deuten die Welt und uns darin. Geben ihr und uns Sinn.


    1. dear Ilona, thank you very much for your comment! i love that you place the word “Sinninduktion” (=induction of meaning?) here… it is a very rich word with many tastes. yes, storytelling offers a broad surface of resonance indeed.
      Tenneson [] is an Art of Hosting steward from the US that i had the pleasure to meet in spring this summer at an AoH for young people in Sweden that i co-organized. I learned and learn a lot from resonating with his sharings, i have big respect for his work. he coined this amazing little phrase: “for a lifetime of magic” :)
      … gebe ihr und uns Sinn… Deutung und Bedeutung…


  2. The video adds so much to your evocative language. The last few days I’ve been absorbed in the works of Jack Sarfatti, a physicist who describes some of the latest cosmological findings in metaphysical terms. He tells us that the Omega point seems to be “real”, that there is a future horizon emanating from it backwards to create the big bang. In relation to this post, what we experience as the world (& our embodied selves) is the crystalization of symbol into meaning from the vantage point of the “final cause” (Omega). “Awakening” is becoming finely tuned to this dynamic process as its occurring from Eternity to here. Therein stretches the ocean of story.


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