temporary installation of capacity-building practices/mirrors

some of you might remember me talking about “social feedback” (it was also in this and that time amongst other stuff) as in Biofeedback but matched to a social body. in Biofeedback you would put electrical sensors on a migraine patients brain that allows you to have a visual on a screen that shows the current diameter of the blood veins in this persons brain. this real-time-feedbackloop allows the person to learn what muscle to contract/relax or what thoughts to think so that the diameter expands on the visual on the screen – because that will eventually reduce the blood pressure and therefore the migraine after a while (don’t know how medically correct that is, but doesn’t matter). so… through this additional temporary technical sense/mirror the person can learn something new about using his body that might have been impossible or much longer-lasting to learn otherwise. once the experience got anchored, the technical device can be removed and the learning remains in the body.

NOW, how could this look like for a social system? what is the mirror in our middle, the catalyst/tool/screen that gives us an immediate feedback on something that is happening but we don’t (all) have the capability of processing that information (on a virtual level i started a thread on this on The World Cafe Online Community). so for instance imagine all people in a room having an infrared LED on their head that two infrared cameras can track. the computer is processing the information on peoples average distance to each other while movement is going on (for instance an exercise on being close to someone and at the same time being far away from someone else) – when a certain value is under-run a the computer initiates a change in sound or light which gives the present group an immediate technical feedback on something that happened socially/geographically in the space! you could go nuts in exploring this further into making all heartbeats visible and so on – i guess you get the twist. temporary new senses that enables a group-organism to become more conscious about themselves. so next time they do this movement-exercise without the technical toys their organic memory of the feedback-loop from last time as location-density increases or some other indicator.

now this is not meant to remain as wild tech-geeky stuff (in fact there are really other level of nerd-ness out there) – as i mentioned somewhere, my thinking will never remain with computer/internet as something i expect to be constantly be present, in fact i believe the coming transition to less fossil cheap energy will drastically reduce the availability of a global internet. so i’d like to see the computer-era as a playground that teaches our psychic and social bodies some lessons… and if we can play a little longer online, that’s fine, but i don’t take it for granted… what this is pointing towards is very much what shines through in my previous post on expanding inner horizon / pre-sensing and simulation capacity – tools or temporary installations/measurements/indicators that allows an individual/group to reach a new level.

so today in the wonderful salon on Dialogue & Leadership in south Germany with mates from The World Cafe Community, two people hosted a World Cafe with some extra-twists like having a physical sign (only little finger up) >flagging< to show when you are “thinking on something that is probably be ready to be spoken in 15sec or so”. now this in particular didn’t turn out to be useful for us as we are already operating on a highly tuned-in level of speaking, listening and leaning into the space – so we don’t need a physical sign for something we already sense and act upon intuitively. however, the exercise might be very useful for people who are not used to sit in circles and it is pointing into this for me superinteresting field of practices that allow us to become intuitive on a new level. so i am asking myself what a practice/sign/attitude/twist would be that would be probably tough to implement (the learning grown-zone until the new operation system is installed/updated and we can start to play on top of that) but would carry us to a higher synergetic vibration together.

hah, watching myself, Chris and Sabine play with graphical recording on the iPad and seeing how much time/momentum we can loose while changing color and brush properties i found myself spacing out with this thoughts… how fancy would it be to have ways of just continuing the movement of drawing without having to switch colors and brush properties with that hand – it happens through neuronal stimulation (electronical sensors) or foot pedals or eye movement tracked by a camera… whatever input comes good. imagine being trained in such a system and then WHILE you draw an arch you can change color and size of you line intuitively and immediately after you have seen it in your imagination… what new worlds of expression would that open?? hehe, or creating 3D paintings in that way through 3D tracking and videoglasses -> augmented reality ;) this again. arming imagination with the potency to express more immediately with less thresholds

once learned a new “something” it becomes part of the repertoire that your body-mind can access intuitively and bounce around in. so the effort of learning a language enables you to operate in that language and opens you the whole cultural and energetic entry portal. what is it that you wish for organic/immediate/dream-access to? well, then start filling yourself up with it and find practices that will transport your system from “wanting to learn this” to actually “operating from that”…

a metaphor is also something that comes as a gift of living symbol and you see meaning in it in relation to your contextyou can play with the metaphor and keep relating it to your case and it will continue to generate meaning… oh, that might have been a good piece to add to my previous post on the bounce between abstraction and experience… it could also be seen as jamming on an image/metaphor and then relating it to your context/case and backwards! ha, this already leans into my next post on symbols on meaning…

what did this piece of writing give you? can you see what kind of temporary installations in your system would build capacity to process more deep and broad and reach a higher level of consciousness? what new sense can you construct for yourself to have organic/intuitive access to something that you don’t have now?


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

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2 thoughts on “temporary installation of capacity-building practices/mirrors”

  1. Love the inquiry. Appreciate the reminder of how not to take for granted all this amazing digital global connectedness; with aliveness and momentum fueling the thoughts and the questions.

    I have suggested, sometimes playfully, different physical practices as a way of bringing awareness to and objectifying patterns…for example, at a meeting I offered that we could hold our hand over a part of the body that you are speaking from, and made it sort of funny. I think a range of practices are needed. You seem to be asking for something more subtle.

    I think working with metaphor is so important. Is gratitude a metaphor? I experience a lot of gratitude in waves as I read your post and laugh and smile and read it again to try to take in and explore more. Gratitude is an energy/practice that I choose more and more to presence, believing that holding gratitude can be like a medicine, influencing my state, emotions, and behaviors, and helping build the capacity for being more present to life.

    Temporary installation? If you are wanting one to support your development of more intuitive and psychic capacities, I imagine that the kind of flowing dialogue you are experiencing is a good practice supporting that, to hone your perceptions.

    One last thought Benjamin for now is another answer to this question: so i am asking myself what a practice/sign/attitude/twist would be that would be probably tough to implement (the learning grown-zone until the new operation system is installed/updated and we can start to play on top of that) but would carry us to a higher synergetic vibration together.

    Vulnerability. How do you think being vulnerable, even as that is a construct that you are asking for, and possibly a practice too, connects with your question?

    I appreciate a directionality informing your posts and am happy to dream up and practice more consciously, realizing more of the choice points to transmit enthusiasm and openness, for example, which I think are conducive to developing the capacity for us to support ourselves as we transform into new ways of being/seing.

    Thank you,


    1. Karilen, i am grateful for your presence here! so good to read about the swirls this took in you…. if gratitude is a metaphor – in this case my gratitude for your response is a metaphor for really feeling seen and the joy of being in contact with a soul-mate who follows me into the inquiry-dive and contributes her beauty in the space i open, so that we may unfold further together…

      holding the gratitude present and letting it radiate from your core out… that’s what i am hearing in your words and i love it! eey, sometimes i have so much overflowing gratitude that i don’t feel any expression can show the right amount, do you know that? also a delicate balance if i try to show my gratitude through concrete support – because that might not be needed… how to simply shine light and appreciate is something i am continuing to learning.

      yes, flowing dialogue is a wonderful temporary installation for capacity building… i am curious though to play with much more.

      mmh, vulnerability!! i hear you on that… i have to think on the gentle open wounded warm emotional surface i have when i am physically sick and/or i am sad or filled with humble gratitude… everything that falls on that surface glows white dots under blacklight and i almost fall into the space that this seed is opening on my naked skin and engages my full body-mind system… this state of “weakness”/vulnerability in my experience “merges me together” somehow… my body, my senses become one sensing entity – they are that of course anyway, but in those moments it feels increased… a bit like the shape and form is fading into the background at night and the dance of the energies come to the foreground. not sure though how a practice of vulnerability could look like!? i know that there are quite effective treatments/workshop in body-dearmoring that are to melt down your emotional barriers to the world…

      can you say more about the directionality that you see is informing my posts? i am curious because that is eventually what i am experiencing just now as i use this blog as a channel to share from my leading edge of thinking and sensing that i start to discover direction, inner links and coherence on my inner landscape…

      now that i think of the form of wild expression that brought us together in Noosphere: dancing – i am thinking how newly found movements and movement-patterns/playlist can open up new mental horizons and open up space on other levels… i remember the endless-pattern-generating dance exercise with Gabrielle Roth in New York, so amazing and liberating vast space on my inner horizon!! also thinking about Feldenkrais here, the physical degree of freedom in movement is directly connected to the mental/emotional freedom…

      love and smiles to you Karilen.


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