the territory-scoping bounce between abstraction & experience

now here comes something that has become somewhat of a method for myself, or let’s say a pattern that i observe in my inner way of deepening into inquiries. it’s pretty big and will have multiple present and potential spin offs and my words are not satisfyingly powerful for this…

so… one of the fundamental organizing principle i perceive in my body-mind system is that there are abstract clusters of insights or attractors in my mind-landscape… they are not present always, but the trajectory of the moment can find them through triggers or mental travels. those got charged, expanded and shaped through experiences i had in my life.

in moments of “valuable experience” (whatever that is, and what that is not) i am broadening my inner blueprint/scope of the pattern i am experiencing… “aha, that is also a possible way to react to complaints” as a simple example. when my inner repository of a specific pattern/dynamic has expanded, it will stay like that… once tasted a new taste, my horizon of taste is sustainably broadened.

inner horizon is a good word for this to me. so if there is a stimulus, how broad can your inner space be that is blowing up immediately to simulate possible reality and branches around this. how big is your metaphorical/level-diving bandwithcan you simulate how this (any) stimulus would express in other areas of expression – through other algorithms?

an interesting exercise i invented from that curiosity of exploring the juicy space between internal-situational-simulation-capacity and “the real-situation” i called pre-sensing (named it like that before Otto’s book). i would ask a group to clap all together at the same time when i say go. having given those (or more complex) instructions i give them a while to simulate what exactly will happen in the 5seconds after i will have said go. then i say go, they clap…. silence…. and then reflecting on how your pre-sensed space in you was compared to the actual experience.

another story on that line of gradually expanding situational awareness and pre-sensing/simulation capacity is a story that Geseko told me about nature-awareness[…]-teacher Jon Young who sends his students out to the beach for instance, with the task of simply letting as many sensational impressions in as possible. when they come back they tell what they have experienced – then Jon will ask what the direction of the wind was, or the rhythm of the waves… so question that they could have paid attention to, but most likely the awareness wasn’t that broad and fine yet – so next time they go out they will pay more/broader attention and they come back, tell their story, and again he will gently enter their story and expand the matrix of what MORE is possible to perceive, so that the next moment of experience can be wider and deeper.

or the situation of brainstorming stuff on post-its and hanging them up on the wall – in the moment of giving it a structure/categories we also start to see what other category we could brainstorm in. so the bounce between concrete and abstract here is key supporting a broadening of the scope/territory. other notions essential for broadening is to see it from inside AND outside and how the knowledge develops over time and what people think about the simple fact that you think and so on… many parameters here! definitely more than i am aware of! life-long journey of discovering parameters that broaden your awareness.

you could also see it as different ways of getting spacious around an inquiry… you can do a constellation work, do art around it, find metaphors/analogies for it and make up scenarios and all sorts of creative techniques. all there to view the inquiry from various angles and expand the territory around it. the starting question for every process design somehow is: “how can we become spacious around this issue?” in that fresh air new stuff can fly in… isn’t it?

i am constantly sliding between the concrete experience and the abstraction of it and go nuts with flying around in as a psychonaut what is in the near-space of the imprint of this experience in my imagination. can i simulate all potential breakout points and how the system will differentiate? can i also sense the paradoxes and the weird twists it can take? can i do this even so i will be emotionally involved? can i pre-sense my own emotional flow – and will that hinder it?? of course you can never ever pre-sense all details and the unpredictable cross-influences and fluctuations are exploding exponentially with every second passing… however, imagine a feather being pulled through thick black oil – you can still see the basic shape, but the complexity and nuances are not visible. that translated back into your inner simulation/pre-sensing capacity, you can sense the basic shape of stuff, and then you can let reality fill that space with complexity and nuances and details… and most likely there will be branches that you haven’t thought off – “what? i could have never ever imagined that this would evolve into this situation”.

the blueprint of a human face – you have seen many many and you have one! so you know what should be in there… so if there is a crazy wild painting and the artist asks you to find the face in it – you know what shapes/patterns to scan for!

so there is something about symbols and how we detect them… that might be another post another time :) also another post on temporary (technical) additional tools that help us develop a new matrix and then the tool can fall away. and then a post on creating exercises/visualizations around certain core dynamics that sets a person up with experience material where to mold in all the new paradigm stuff…

now here is the art of the kind of deep-seeing/questioning/inquiring i love – can i sense into another person and simulate the interior of this person in regards to a specific situation/inquiry? can i access this persons reservoir of potential next dynamics/steps/expressions simply through potent imagination that has a de-ego’d systemic simulation processor.

do you know how to get from rapid prototyping to immediate prototyping? -> through imagination! :)

how potent, deep and broad is your imagination? how effective is your inner simulation of processes?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

3 thoughts on “the territory-scoping bounce between abstraction & experience”

  1. benjamin, your distinction between concrete and abstract was a reminder of how non-linear our knowledge development is and why we should keep our heads up in order to identify patterns between the two… similar to a mash-up of trends. keep it going! enjoying the posts!


  2. You asked: “can i sense into another person and simulate the interior of this person in regards to a specific situation/inquiry?”
    Why would you do that?
    What about receiving this person and what he/she does and says into your own interior?


    1. thanks Jason! how does a mash-up of trends look like? can you give a link?
      yes Ria, i believe we mean the same – the image i used in that sentence might be more ‘masculine hunting’ energy driven ;) it’s true – i can only “receive” a person and look what happens with the social neurons in my interior.


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