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i am so grateful for the powerful edge-moves that Jay is putting out there in the clarity he is holding and i have such big respect for the micropatronage-prototyping Eddie is practicing on his site! to know that they and others are out there is really building confidence in me of continuing to thrive into my sense of my own evolutionary glowing instead of only bending it into structures that generate monetary flows…

so much on this vast field… i’d like to offer some musings on value.

i could go ahead and list you all the areas where i feel i am adding value to the world and then where i need value to the world. to a certain degree that would be interesting and something like: value i generate/conduct: netweaving/seeing & naming potential/ inquiry diving – value i need/get: reminders on the physicality of this world – cooking, cleaning, just a walk / skills in business world / how to celebrate and let loose

but let me try this (weird) opinion out – i don’t see it as my “task” to name the value i am giving. it obviously got named and appreciated by people seeing my “talents” years ago and when that happens repeatedly that mirror becomes part of my identity. beautiful and necessary process – but why stopping that and building a crust around it? somewhere in the process of maturing/getting-adults our ego/identity shifts to only adding mirrors to what is there already and the core gets locked. i can surely spent hours creating a CV and a self-portrait that’s awesome and purely delicious. but couldn’t it be also very interesting to establish a culture where we give ourselves tons of “evolutionary testimonials” (?) that are somehow smartly organized that we get a good visual overall impression – or like a questionnaire, how is Person X alive in you after this interaction? can you name/draw/sing/clap the value he has added to your life? … but then again, those snippets can become sticky and represent something you are not any longer… i am just playing here with a currency-system/value-visibility-increasing-mechanism that lets your imprint in the social field speak about you instead of you about yourself! and then there will most likely be always that gap of “why hasn’t anyone seen this or that in me?” and you will might try to hunt for the testimonial that will express that missing quality. and hey, its a fantastic dynamic to go in resistance with the image that others have about you! no clearer mirror of your development. also thinking here about what i wrote about “not wanting to understand myself” in my KP leadership report from earlier this year – inviting the cosmos to keep molding me :)

(a further note when you don’t get seen as who you think you are – making up your own testimonials/added-values though is a tricky one – maybe necessary sometimes to show a field what you have inside and didn’t manage yet to make visible but i have seen people really going unhealthy nuts into one direction because they did not await the echo of the social field and used their own instead. i can also say that I AM obviously the only intersection of all the threads i am holding, so i should have the broadest overview over what kind of value i bring, right?)

or/and increasing the peer2peer flow of value-acknowledgement instead of making it globally visible and trade-able. maybe similar to what i addressed in my post on closing feedback loops. how do you become alive in a social field? how do people “make a name” somewhere? what is your identity in this group? imagine we would radically increasing “giving credits” to each other and try to mention each others name as often as possible when we share where inspiration and insights came from, other than ourselves – that would increase the visibility of value-giving-magic.

so here is a provoking one, maybe… what if you take full responsibility about birthing fullest evolutionary (just love that word, sorry for overuse) potential in yourself and in your mates? what if we operate from the basic assumption that all that happens in that light is good? if we practice that in smaller circles/communities – do we need currencies then? i am working hard today to make fire-wood, you create a meal for the group, someone is reading a book and writing an article… today i am completely exhausted and frustrated, tomorrow i just relax. you let me live in your room and eat your food and i give meaningful coaching to your friend who therefore shines more also in your life… what if we all do that “for free” (and thereby for “everything” that IT IS) because we let go of any fear of imbalance and put out faith and trust into larger cycles of energy flows… i guess that is what is largely happening in small/medium circles of trusted friends and milieus – the moment we need an “objective measure of value” is when we leave our trusted circle OR span stuff over time that does not seem possible to bridge with trust … isn’t it?? please tell me how that lands on you!

and when i say trust it comes from the same inner ground that i speak the extended body from – how can i ever want you bad if i have you in me and know that i am in you? what’s a de-romantized translation of that image – can you help me there? :) it’s so real, isn’t it…

yeah, i know, that’s maybe not useful for large-scale society transforming thinking? maybe it is? oh guys… sometimes i am holding on to the one love-impulse flashing through all of humanities hearts :) it only needs the right melody and the clearest purest intention (no corporate viral campaign for the better?)…

an essential attitude/condition i find present in the relationships i am in where i would call the other one my mentor, is longterm-comittment. no immediate results/outcomes needed, trust that things unfold in their own time. connecting to the source and the potential instead of the performance of the day… it is SO beautiful to feel that kind of holding where your friend is just smiling warmly about your failure because he can sense your process over the years and decades. this is the kind of attitude i am having nowadays with my friends, these are relationships for life, and we don’t have contact for 5 years, then that’s fine… i want to learn to hold your highest potential over a lifetime and beyond…

…let’s re-learn to value the value coming from valuable values :)


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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