blurring/directing the backflow-address

here is a spin-off in my mind from a scenario i had running within milliseconds while on my bike and then it gained internal momentum and gathered related inner bubbles and created more depth and branching in an existing attractor…

the scenario was seeing a sad young woman and imagining just saying something nice to her or just smiling – basically lifting her mood. but we won’t exchange names and maybe see each other never again. so the gained warmth and smiles from this interaction naturally flows further into our day and maybe into the next and overnext people we encounter (is that called win-win-win?). and of course i could stay for a longer conversation and that could have become even better, but in that scenario i find it especially interesting when i consciously don’t allow the “immediate backflow of gratitude” for my good-mood intervention to reach me because i leave before that can happen. thereby i leave her sitting with that energy… in the hope/expectation that she will intuitively want to find other channels for letting the ripples flow out of her from the impulse i placed and pass the gift on. does that make sense? just playing with that potential situation.

so consciously blurring the backflow-address and thereby inducing a gift of gratitude/appreciation/respect to another/larger entity than you. an example that you all know is when you were clearly though-leading an idea-development but you sell it later as “the groups idea” in order to create appreciative backflow to the whole group that will build the group bond instead of putting you on stage with the danger of creating tensions/envy (does it have to be like that? what does it take for this not to happen?).

i am also noticing in my own behavior sometimes when i care for introducing people to certain circles that i reach out to many individuals to the circle and set the platform for relationships to be made with that new person – so that eventually the circle is welcoming the new person fully at some point without necessarily even mentioning me anymore.

one image would be to cut open a bag with warm water and then go out of the way so that others can enjoy the warm shower – the next step is then leaving the stage, so that people don’t even associate you with their warm shower. what kind of ego does that require?

can you relate to that? for me it’s a dynamic i find often in the architecture of my interior design that i tend to intuitively and consciously design processes that are inviting rather than pushing in and where i lean in first to create a trusted resonance-platform for the others story… or i love to address issues without naming them at all but only working with the underlying core – and then suddenly a few days later the expression on the surface changes and people suddenly start putting their dirty glasses into the dishwasher (example of team/school situation) because a knowing has been growing about a collective organism and the key role of the individuals attitude and contribution.

yes, maybe you could call that manipulation. yes, why not… AND i prefer to see it as experimenting with organic pathways instead of linear approaches. it is kind of obvious that putting stickers out in town with the message “live more sustainable!” doesn’t necessarily create that effect :) around a direct message there will always be 1) a fan-club 2) people that don’t care and 3) the anti-club. so let’s design interventions that address the issue from energetic soul-space before we enter the human opinion-landscape. where do you wish to direct streams of attention, appreciation or stimulation? maybe you can poke the system and then leave the response to pour out into another “body” than yours… maybe you can hold the intention strong and bright in you and just trust that it will manifest and radiate through your intention.

i like to lean into larger and larger loops of energy balancing… if i invest energy in supporting you i trust that i will get some energy on another level back from the cosmos. and this is an attitude or almost a belief – it can never be calculated or proven… its really interesting to sense in which scale and constellation of systems people seek for balance or payback. and the translation of value is certainly something we have to (re-)learn big times! here a reference to energetic-professions or expert-professions

on what level are you expecting the flowback? what comes natural for you to give? why does that need to be similar to what you got? what platform is your leaning-in creating for your mates?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

3 thoughts on “blurring/directing the backflow-address”

  1. something needs to be said here on the balance between ‘matter matters’ and the ‘blurring the blackflow address’… once a friend told me: “the quality of giving is equal to the quality of receiving”.


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