emerging/future social technologies

how will we sit down for meaningful conversations in groups in 10 years – what is on the horizon? (for now i mean social technologies as in methods/tools/structures we seek sharing, inspiration, decision making and so on)

i am aware that the bigger part of humanity hasn’t reached a level of sitting together in circle and sharing as it is standard in the circles i feel at home – however, i can’t help but throwing my curiosity forward into the years ahead…

i love to put myself into the mental scenario to imagine i am far off from society since years in a cave in the mountains… and from there, after years of solitude i start dreaming about group organisms and what i would like to experiment with them :) its funny, this seems to be one of possibly many meta-attractor where i can plug most of my thinking into…

some pieces that i am holding (and are starting to get named) to weave into the emergence of new ways of being, communicating and supporting each other:

  1. full acknowledgement of the incomprehensible
  2. ways to process and hold broader spaces, times and complexity
  3. inviting each other into contribution, empower systems to find their voices
  4. listening to the impulses in the expressions, utilize each other as extended bodies
  5. commitment to be in service of the highest energy in a constellation/situation – affirmation and acknowledgement are anchored deeper


to [1]


i am eager to try this out – where would an 1&1 exercise lead us, where we are to share something that the other will most likely not understand and then we keep sharing and try to make it even more confusing and less understandable :) simply to explore breaking the convention of making ourselves understandable for each other. to grow and transform we have to go beyond the know territory… i would always listen to the signals that are fascinating but totally out of what i would have expected or that i can understand… developing a hunger for trajectories that are pointing beyond what i am capable of… how can you ask meaningful into something that you have no clue about? related to [4]. the circle is facing outwards (mentioned here) and we have our unique playgrounds ahead, supportive energy is flowing in our back…


to [2]

i can learn about my own energy levels that i will most likely come into a good and creative state when i follow the procedure of shower-breakfast-coffee… so i am learning to initiate certain playlist to reach a specific desired energy level… now – here i am thinking of a magical community celebration practice that i experienced this summer with Edgard at the Sense Festival (YIP, Sweden) where he was leading us into a circle dance. and as the energy was rising and laughter and joy was filling the room he invited us after each of the three rounds to close our eyes and sense what’s going on. this has been an absolute amazing experience for me to be very conscious about not ‘wasting’ the outgoing energy of joy but consciously taking it inwards again in order to reach a new level. so, i am wondering, can the group organism learn to utilize this experience in a way i am arranging my personal playlist? can we utilize rituals and celebration in order to consciously bring us on a trajectory of radiance, connectedness and abundance? i believe that requires learning how group energies are behaving and evolving… until you get so tuned in that breathing out in the right moment can shift the whole room. it also relates to holding bigger times and the intention of filling the gap to the future with patterns that metaphorically scale the far-and-wide into my emotional here-and-now and empower me relate to the larger scopes in an organic and intuitive way….

it requires learning the operating system though… only if you know how to use a keyboard you can write an email. without knife and saw you will have a hard time creating a chair. same with the dominant social operating system, also called conventions – it is for very sure not setting us to blossom into our highest potential and so on. we have to learn “how we are in, and relate to fields” (Maja) – when i speak something into the circle it is an offering and a gift, it is not to bounce straight back to me with a need of clarification and fishing for intellectual understanding… its for you to not take personal AND to take highly personal at the same time :) one could write a whole manifesto of rules/guidelines what a ‘good’ way of being in a field is… lot of brilliant thoughts on the magic of the middle out there – maybe i want to write about it soon too.

having multiple conversations in a group at the same point…. loosening up the sense of one coherent conversational flow to invite more information to be processed and cross-pollination to be breeded.

as grammar/language/verbally-understanding-each-other seems to have quite a linearity built-in, i am calling for the possibility of making ‘harvesting rounds’ in conversation where dropped pieces can be brought in… where it is ok to jump back and forth because people have the capacity to hold spaces and come back to them… (related to the post about groups being soaked with energies and the discipline of wringing out the sponge) so if i am building up this great piece of thought in me during a conversation – but then all of a sudden the direction changed and it would be weird if i bring my mind-baby in now. i could of course drop it (and there is a beauty and huge maturity in that), but i am also wondering if, in a conversation that can hold multiple read threads there could be a continuous awareness on allowing those context-free and maybe ‘wrong’-timed nuggets back into the flow again…  and in other times it needs the rocket to be fired in one clear direction and its too fast to talk about the romantic clouds on the way, i can see that too ;)

to [3]

i just wrote posted on that here, oceans more to explore for sure… and here a little process tool on that line that can open up this possibility of designing practices for system-self-empowerement.


to [4]

yay, i have written pieces around impulse and expression, the extended body and spoke the connection here. in conversation with Theis new clarity emerged for me around how every ‘flow-pattern of energy dynamic’ / impulse is somehow pure and ‘innocent’, only when it translates into the operation system of the person that is expressing it through its instrument/field of expression it causes opinions and can create resistance and be unethically and so on. also there is a vertical dimension in the rootedness-on-pure-white-canvas this field of expression is! a DJ needs to know a whole lot of music by heart so that he can liberate the creational force on top of this plattform-of-knowing… and then the person knowing all discos and DJs in town can liberate his expression to choose from those… so there is levels nested in each other – just as holarchies or something.

how much preparation/learning is needed for this instrument/field of expression to grow into your body (meaning that it becomes intuitive and natural and your system is forwarding inputs/associations as trajectories into these attractors in you). and i am holding the inquiry to explore what basic energy branches are in the pure energy field of an expression – so music for instance has to be experienced as it comes out of the instruments/loudspeakers – in real-time. a picture you can look at anytime and for how long you want, it doesn’t require a re-enlivening to be alive, if that makes sense? in that way every expression-domain holds it own direct conditions/requirements/opportunities in time, space and impact… and now, here is a VERY interesting question for me that i am far away of grasping… from that level of abstraction – can we oversee the pure energy ripples around expression-domains and from there design new ones by scanning the areas that are (not) covered? re-combining? oh, this is exciting… i can feel my heartbeat strong when i write this :)

and if you ask yourself what is the purest domain where impulse and expression are the most close to each other – i at least for now see sexuality as this place! in the moment we are fully united, the synergetic being takes over of both lovers, and the boundaries are fading between pure energies dancing and physical bodies dancing this is where impulse/response/flow and expression are ONE!

here is also a fine-tuning on ‘utilizing you as part of my extended bodies’ that came out from a talk with Maja where i came to realize how much for instance i can see another person present IN YOUR gestures and mimics and pauses in communication when you just came out of space with that person – or two lovers attuning each others frequency and doing stuff at the same time “coincidentally”… so sometimes, when two people i know are appearing simultaneously on my inner screen – it might be because my system is sensing sparks in those two offering each other in their frequency for a while. or you and this group or you and the vibration of this opinion, or you and this atmosphere and so on… vibration, frequency, rhythms, tones and symphonies flowing in resonance, dissonance and everything between and beyond…

tracking the expression back to the origin, letting this places speak to each other… knowing that there is no other way than ‘expressing stuff through expressions’ but leaning beyond those…


to [5]

i wrote about this ‘service to the highest energy’ in the post on evolutionary love and in the reflections on KP. and about sourcing the life-affirmation deeper than expecting the moment to re-affirm your existence here. what i dream of on that line is to transcend conventions in communication where we have an introduction and an end and all that – where it’s ok to meet right in the point of where this meeting is about and let go of the clutter around that in trust that the person “will call back and that this was a nice meeting and that we meet tomorrow in school and so on”… when the impulse is strong, the outer field will align around that – no need to constantly prepare the ground and touch on all the “what if’s” to keep things under control and be ready for “the moment when”…



hui, now that was quite a download, i feel good :) someday i would love to make a process with some good people where we dream up new social technologies and do immediate prototyping and re-assembling and weave new-paradigm into it and so on…

how does this land on you, does it make any sense? what is that i am missing or not seeing? what are you curious about? if you’d have a willing group to play with, what would you like to explore with them?

onwards into possibilities, for a lifetime of magic” –Tenneson


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

10 thoughts on “emerging/future social technologies”

  1. I am very grateful for reading this and seeing words being a hint of what goes beyond words and understanding yet….reading, I become more conscious of what is emergizing inside and of the lots I might not be conscious of…
    Thank you for your words.


  2. Dear Benja, thanks for the inner freedom that this post evokes!! Freedom to create, go beyond the boundaries, accept yourself in other people and in the world, dance with what’s coming and with the imagination, and learn, unlearn, and learn again) i.e. to live, to die, and to live again)


  3. Those that deal with adversity, keeping alignment with their inner purpose, they are the true leaders… :) Life is a mystical path one will unveil along the way… Keep going and follow your heart’s bliss… You are on the way! Blessing, my friend.


  4. You wrote: “if you ask yourself what is the purest domain where impulse and expression are the most close to each other – i at least for now see sexuality as this place!”

    My question is: WHY is that? could we expand it to other domains of our lifes?


    1. thanks Ria, very good question! in my experience the why is because of those moments in sexuality when body and energy dynamics totally melt together, when it’s one body moving together, intuition and action is not separate…
      how to expand that on other domains… i don’t know how the body can be so engaged in other domains. maybe the imagination of the bodies or the echos of sensations though…


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