respecting the vertical & the practice of inviting voices

having listened to some bright thoughts from kaosmate Theis in a good conversation triggered this reservoir in me to aggregate further thoughts through ‘intentional attention’ – and now i will let it spill over :) and a meta-note: the i and you is used both as a natural way of formulating for me AND also play with how it feels to pull it right into our space. no meaning elsewhere if not right here between us.

especially in an educational situation the reality is that people are at different stages of depth around a topic! we are not equal in what we are bringing to our joint field… we might use the same words – but how can you know that i might be holding this topic as an inquiry since years? its weird for me to just state that i am deep into this field for the sake of it. the way we communicate expects me to ask a question or make a comment – simple expression of resonance or ‘notification’ of where this lands on my inner landscape is not really designated in the dominant social/cultural conventions.
how do we learn then where others are deep into? and what do you do when you want others to know that you are deep into something? and why do you want that?

so it can feel very weird if you are totally immersed in the fresh virginal exploration of this new topic and you share with me from this place how great this new taste is and that i should try it too. there is such beauty in the pure curiosity to explore/learn though – so i don’t want to disrespect the beautiful start of your learning trajectory on this. however i would appreciate if you also respect that i am potentially holding a depth in this that i care for and that has been building up in me over time and maybe in ‘hard work’. and yes, i also see that it tells something about me when i am hesitating to expose my depth to the entrance-explorations of exactly that depth. are you stepping into ‘my’ expert-area or what? its not about that – i am just inviting to allow all the ice-bergs under the water to also be in the room and to respect their integrity, even so we don’t know now where they are and how big they are… (related to broadening the space of encounter from yesterday)

there is this beautiful cosmic dynamic, that when you deepen in one field you deepen your sense of other fields as well – so once committed to dive into ‘one depth’ you also learn about the diving process and can respect and share more meaningful with other divers in other depths much more… i guess that is what the whole thing about committing to a practice like yoga or meditation is about.

so back to the dilemma of getting misinterpreted through being ‘unable’ to speak in a question/comment pattern because of too much resonance“are you not interested in this?” – “oh yes, i am! i could have said this myself – that’s why i don’t have to add something or question something!”. And suddenly the day is over and i assume (that is certainly a big part in this as well) that people are left with an impression that i don’t care about this…

now, thinking in terms of experimenting with re-designing the social space (reminded on social laboratory ideas) – here i would love to see an attitude/behavior growing in groups where we invite each other into contribution and sharing. we care for each other and added our mates to our extended bodies, our social neurons are charged and continue to refine with their potential resonance fields AND then we dare to speak that “deputy-resonance” we sense and thereby invite the voice of the outside target of our inner mirror. practically that could look similar like the practice i introduced here where people in a group point on 1-2-3 at the same time on the person they think could speak the voice of the system around a certain inquiry in the most overarching way. that dynamic, but much more subtle and with light-attention on the threshold between for- and background of the groups awareness (related to the integrity around the “consciously anonymized safe-zones“)….

does that make sense? this seems to be important for me to hold as an inquiry – creatively tackling the tendency of groups to get soaked in something and with that directing too much power of focused attention on maybe gently growing energy loops that can get shocked by that overdose. instead (or in addition) installing attractors that stimulate practices of forwarding/naming impulses in the group organism to intuitively/automatically scan for concentrations of energies around individuals and

constellations/relations. so if i feel that what has been said is resonating with you i will just point on you to offer that little extra-trigger that could be needed for you to speak into the space… you can easily drop my impulse or forward it… so we start to listen not only for our own resonance but also for whom this is meaningful or causing expansion/contraction. empowering a system to activate its voices that can bring us to a next level

can you think of other practices that inspire a group to listen with each others ears? and what do you think about the power of the focus of a group of people… is that something we might want to be careful about or is everything welcome?


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “respecting the vertical & the practice of inviting voices”

  1. Hello Benjamin, you write so much these days that I can’t keep up!
    Regarding your last question: “what do you think about the power of the focus of a group of people… ” My experience is that the question/purpose of the group is crucial in coming to what I call the collective wisdom; and surely needed when we want to come to an emergence for the group as a whole. There is way more to say around this, as I am currently writing a book about all this…
    Of course, it is a different thing when you only want to have a good conversation, then this is not valid.


    1. Hi Ria, yes, i am in waves of downlading sometimes and then there are breaks again…
      i am very very much looking forward to your book Ria!!
      my friend Kosha from the ecovillage 7Linden just published a book in german with the title collective wisdom.


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