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re-discovered this text i wrote a few months ago in the train after a good time with dear Helen in Brussels – makes me smile and humble to read it again… it seems i had actually more coherence on my inner world than these days, but the hotspots i am circulating around have more depths now, the connections have yet to be deepened too though, maybe!… seeing my own inner development breathing. how will i look back on what i am thinking NOW?? here we go…

celebrating innovations in the social sphere” / “the emotional gap of feeling the future” – Peter Senge

The inquiry is to open the social field for profound innovation, language in its broader sense – everything between your psychic internal space and the outside social space – from a chaotic parallel processing system to a fairly linear system…

I wish for a group to act more intelligent as that i could say afterwards i could have done it better alone with more time.

Individuals remaining in humble awaiting until the field aligns into meaning or emptiness.

We source our social warmth energy from patterns of appreciation, recognition, name-dropping… what if we all are anchored on a deeper place so that we are free to experiment with our sphere of interaction.

As there are fractal cascades of analog patterns expressing on all levels of being, a tree of metaphors branching off from each core dynamic. Complexified on the breath in and simplified on the breath out. The evolutionary calling i sense and that i want to put out is to trace all areas of creative expression and all reflections on dynamics, into the social sphere. To enrich and expand the abilities our social bodies are able to process.

Can a social body hold as much diversity and parallel processes as my mind can and still have a sense of coherence and emergence. Can a social body calculate an equation faster than a single mind could? Can we make a highly complex decision making process completely nonverbal?

One huge inspiration for re-programming the social space comes from the computer/online-world. It’s such massive innovation what is happening there in communication – starting with an email-thread that can become its own flow and expanding or shrinking in its participateurs. A tweet – what is the social communication energy of a tweet?… a facebook post where people can comment… the ‘post’ remains after i ‘spoke’ it and gives friends globally the chance to comment on it in their own time… the conversation is kept alive and coherent through technical infrastructure. Google docs, wikis, those are literally new forms of communications that have not been in any way there before. That’s nice – and now, for the fun of it, what if a huge EMP is exploding and there is no electricity anymore anywhere? What did we as evolutionary family learn from that epoch of global electrical communication? Where will the neuronal patterns, dedicated to online communication wrap themselves around? Where will the creative energy of programmers and google search engine envisions flow in?

What if we keep thinking about cloud computing in decentralized swarms of computers AND we start thinking about cloud computing in decentralized swarms of human beings….

Mhm, i sense that gesture in you is expressing a process in you – i give it space in me to continue, your process can get some swirls in my system. There is no judgement/gossip, our hearts are connected, we embrace each others uniqueness… all the interpersonal friction that is caught in patterns of energy consumption amongst each other… we are a species on this planet… throwing our love and dreams forward and in that wind give all horizontal unaligned interpersonal frictions a twist of seeing itself in an evolutionary light.

can your interpersonal exchange be so clear, clean and true that it is not causing any shadow swirls on any end? and if it does, can you stand in the fire with it?

we all have our individual broadcast open – i want to invite more of that into interactions. Here is another human body-mind-processor with you, what could be created here together, where is the energy for an entry point, how many threads can we bounce at the same time?

What if it is just very easy… looking with new eyes on thinks that we are so used to that it’s not even things to us anymore. Who am i to invite you to be more creative when you talk to your mum? ridiculous…. ;)

The ice is thin – going in that territory is new for all of us, it has been the domain for the clowns and weirdos. And yes, limits to the laboratory space of that.

But what if you ask me something and i don’t answer but tell you what’s on my heart right now… you would think that’s rude and i am egocentric? mhm…. what if you try to play with staying with your question and see how my story is flowing in there. As we awaken to fractal self-similar nature of all that is and all that moves we get inspiration and enriching of an inquiry by opening our container under any rain… it’s a matter of  imaginative muscles, the interpretational flexibility, and no need to understand, your body is soaking it in.

Curious about what i don’t understand, being supportive to evolutionary seeds blossoming out of your scope of consciousness. Being in gentle provocative attitude of your own scope and care deeply for expansion.

What if we don’t have to align ourselves through making points and explain, argue or finding consensus. What if our heart-connection is not a matter of doubting and has to be re-affirmed in every second sentence we hear from others? What if we look forward and deeper together. Is our energetic field together growing?

And there is something about space and structure. My sense is that all expert training is building capacity to fill the white space of unknown with structure that helps navigating. The material of experience/knowledge in you is formed and crystallized into meaningful intrinsic structure in you that you carry out if there is an impulse leading into a new space. What’s the purpose, what’s the resources… zack, zack, zack, that helps me navigate. We have countless liquid patterns in us, determined by culture and experience, that click into place as soon our presence touches a trajectory that eventually lead into those  attractor. For instance it is quite established in our culture to wash hands after the toilet – if you see someone not doing it you might not want to shake his hand. Even so we can’t ‘see’ the potential bacteria on his hand we have a strong pattern clicking in.

As organic body-mind system our scope of affectionate reactions is somewhat embedded in certain time and space orb. If i haven’t had breakfast i can quite well already tell that my stomach will feel empty soon. But if the global peak of cheap fossil energy is reached and this will have a massive effect on global economy, this is almost impossible to ‘feel’ for your system. Yes, you might be mentally understand it, but it does not become rooted in your intuitive core system. Also the CO2 emission from my car and global warming – there are endless factors and time and space between – hardly any way to become empathic about that situation?

The gap of our emotional relationship to the future. So i am wondering… besides making our presence which each other more ‘collectively intelligent’… are there attractors that are meaningful to install in the forefront of our culture?

Is it only about scaling down and finding analogies that are “feelable” with our current time-space-capability? The “Your emissions might not be the biggest piece of the cake, but if one single cell in your body turns to a cancer cell that can destroy the rest of your body” – kinda thing?

Or is there a way of expanding our capacity and process more and more information and feel more and more?

It’s quite easy to hardwire people, growing up with the believe that it will rain tomorrow if you don’t eat your plate empty for instance works for quite a while :)

Things can be done ‘wrong’ and its not about manipulating. But i feel its ok to acknowledge that our body -mind systems works with attractors and patterns and it is ok to envision other ones that are in place now – human consciousness has reached a level where we can actually do that.

Here an example of a group game that i invented, the “posture morph game“. I will give you the instructions and then ask you to simulate this on your inner screen to test yourself if you are able to process this before you read on. So it works like this: people are standing randomly  spread in the room. Everyone is following this instructions: Look secretly for one candidate in the room. Find a posture that express your current emotional sate and freeze. If i say “go” you adapt your own posture in slow motion to the posture of the person you picked as a candidate. And you continue to adapt to the posture that this person has right now and right now… not her/his starting position.

…. please try simulate the process emerging from those instructions before you read on …

Thanks :) In my experience half of the people get it immediately and the other half can’t run their internal simulation properly on this. So, what will happen based on this dynamics of interdependence and continuous adaption is most likely that after a minute or so the group is converging into one common posture! Which is quite a cool effect to witness. Other variations of the result is that two people or subgroups chose candidates within themselves and you get separate islands of converge. And then you can reflect on who influences the final picture the most… people who are adapting slow have more power and for instance two people choosing themselves could have total dominance over the ending picture and all other information would get lost. Sparks fruitful reflections on leadership, decision making, consensus, flexibility and (hidden) power structures :) And the cool thing is that after feeling and embodying this dynamic in a group it is anchored in everybody. And for the rest of their lives people will ‘feel’ that conditions of interdependence and continuous adaption will lead to some kind of convergence. It becomes as natural as knowing the taste of vanilla ice cream. And the next time you are in a consensus process you can literally see the ‘bodies moving and adapting’ while people are speaking. For whatever that might be good then :) It definitely sharpens your awareness on the interrelatedness of dynamics on various levels and the immense rich space of charging social dynamics with embodied experiences of potential dynamics. You paint the structure in the sand for the group to interact more intuitively and with more knowing as soon as we reach such attractors.

To a certain degree also just simulating this exercise on your inner screen trains your ‘body system’. Especially people with body-work background have so much experienced material of movements/dynamics that it is very easy to mold something in it and literally feel it as experienced…

In conversation with Dylan we discovered this exercise as great example of “collective exhale u” the collective shaping in the 16 Ways of Energy Dynamics that Dylan and Kyung-sen are working with in their UZAZU work. So a great trigger of inspiration for more exercises could be to look into the other dynamics in UZAZU. Or to look into other models/systems. Also simply going out in a city for a date and writing down all sorts of social patterns and clustering them later is great fun – i did that in Berlin together with Stephan and Markus :)

I feel it’s time to be more liquid with actual creations. The concrete manifestation can be reborn in the moment once the conditions in the field are so rich that instant qualitative responses are crystallizing into a meaningful structure.

…its so tangible if you have the eyes to see it

…it can not be spoken, it emits gradually in all interactions

why not?


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