broadening our space of encounter

i perceive a strong “convergence/point-making expectation“ engrained in the way we communicate. we expect each other to “make a point” when we open our mouth. and it get’s amplified when we talk in groups. on group level i wrote a bit in that direction here, also relates to opening up the conversational space for multiple threads.

you in my energy field is causing ripples of some kind, for sure! how broad can i communicate this and how broad can you listen? grammar, my preferred story-telling ways, rules of formulation and energetic individual and collective mood makes me send the messenge from a certain angle. are you ready to listen to the sub- and sub-sub-pieces that are flowing out and are not congruent in their tone with the main arch but maybe so much more meaningful? our energy fields do have an overlap as we encounter us in physical presence or also in thoughts or incorporated process-host-outflows (i am carrying something out “for you”). and this has truth and meaning – always. we are symbols and embodied soul entities for each other. now then there is the question how much we alow the truth between us to raise into our consciousness… and it is NOT enough to just start out by “speaking your truth”, its more a leaning in from both sides and a listening to the middle… speaking your truth can sometimes be the way you choose to hide it (because others might think, ok, when he is aware of that than he is surely also “working on it”. but mind the gap between reflection and transformation, it ain’t small). so instead of only listening to the main arch and the point(s) to be made i invite you and me into a space where different arches and sub-arches and humor and embarassment and all that occur on a platform where we are both leaning into what wants to be said – communication is never over nor complete… only grammar requires you to make a dot after a sentence. when an arch is over on the surface it loops inwards and dives into subconscious dreamspace…

An ant colony is an underground lair where ants live. Colonies consist of a series of underground chambers, connected to each other and the surface of the earth by small tunnels.

Listening to the weak signals and the potentially dissonant sub-arches might be the portal onto another level of our relationship…

So what i started saying in a half-sentence on a loud party with drunken people around us while we wait for the toilet… you noticed it and witnessed me for a while in the light of the melody you heard so silent there and then share with me how this melody has been playing in you while you were holding me in your awareness.

our consciousness and our senses are wide open to whatever fills the presence – thats beautiful! AND intentionally holding ‘more’ in NOW brings such a powerful depth and fresh intensity to life!

did the wikipedia paragraph about ant colonies disturb you? are you trying to get coherent linear meaning out of my text? …what is bouncing between and beyond the paragraphs, words and especially between you and me? :)

what if there is no A and B on the way from A to B?? letting go of coherent linear containers… opening up to wild and vibrant cross-level fractal expression of dynamics and patterns…

what if i give the energy and you give the shape to it? this may happen anyway, but naming it and acknowledging it could move us forward into a whole other level/potenial.

how could a broad encounter space get translated into the online world? can we search the internet beyond words? online senses…

and then there is the vertical dimension of what we are bringing into the individual or group encounter. and there is the maturity of ‘blind’ respect of depth. sensing/assuming/giving-space-to/allowing the ice-berg under the water. the dilemma and misinterpretation of being unable to speak in a question/comment pattern because of too much resonance – and how we can learn to invite each other for contribution and sharing… more on that line in one of the next posts.

how could a practice look like that has the capacity to broaden the space of our encounters? what is the training we would need? what is the temporary trick/twist that shifts our tracks?


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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