inviting for conversation

wuha… so many post-drafts here on the writing end of this Blog :) its quite magic, i can’t force them to evolve from rough notes and headlines to full posts, either the momentum takes over or not…

still quite a translation passage from glowing moments of insight and inner condensation of meaning to writing about it – in the long-term i’d love a medium that is more immediate and is so much more than written words… well, that is probably language and social energetic magic for the next years, or do you see something else?

so much love to Amy and Sheri for tuning deeply into the technical and energetic architecture, the content of what i share and to speak to me from there what they see… making me want to radiate more invitation for conversation!

so how to invite to feel free and to contribute with comments and feedback – i am dreaming of more conversation and vibrant echos… i can only speak one-way to a certain degree, then my exhale becomes to long and looses anchoring… currently this blog has daily visitors between 50-100, that’s beautiful – may they leave some more marks :)

funny though, the threshold to comment stuff on FB seems so much lower than on a Blog! why is that?

be part of shaping this. no need for a coherent meaningful reflection… whatever it sparks for you. let us know. you never know where this takes someone else.

that’s an invitation… do you hear it?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

5 thoughts on “inviting for conversation”

  1. Benjamin-

    I’m listening. And once I hear you, I seem to be able to better listen to myself. Thank for these beautiful insights. As you would say, they create a certain “self-provoking” in me.

    In regards to feeling one-sided when it comes to blog communication, I see them not as points of conversation, but as the future of journalism. To a certain degree.

    On that note, I’d like to arrange a skype call soon. Would you do me the honors?

    Take care,



  2. Bravo! A beautiful post…

    One, more “immediate” medium, that comes to mind is of course video. Do you know of Seesmic? Assuming you have a camera in your computer or otherwise available, they have an easy way in which you can not only create your vlog (video log) posts, but people can respond via video as well. :-)

    One of my favorite vloggers is Howard Rheingold– you may enjoy him too.

    I have not given up on written language yet though – I love the way you weave words and if you were to add some visual pieces – I love your graphics – it may feel more like “you” to you. :-)

    I just added you to my new & improved Beauty Dialogues… which I’m still working on but hey, that will probably never end.

    Warm Hugs,



  3. commenting on FB is easier and more likely to happen because all your ‘friends’ may notice the comment and start commenting themselves. It’s simply a matter of (wanted) exposure.


  4. thank you friends for your responses! i love that you feel self-provoked Brock :) that’s totally the effect i wish this stuff to have… mmh, great point on the journalism Brock!! the way we see conversations can also shift from focused coherent discussions around issues towards holding inquiries in large groups and bigger times… all depends on our capacity to connect the outer world on our inner landscape… of course let’s skype brother!

    thank you Amy! so much appreciate your skillful eye on my sprouting here… yes, video! i will see if seesmic comes natural for me or if i do some more Photo-Booth/vimeo magic :) thank you for appreciating my weaving with words Amy! its a craft and an artistry that i am so much enjoying to explore… especially that it is not my mother-tongue opens up to juicy bouncing and inspiring cross-interpretations… and yes, to misinterpreting certain nuances too sometimes :)
    looking forward to see your new (of course neverending) site Amy! thank you for adding me!

    true Mushin! all a matter of attention and exposure to the buzz… architecture that comes easy and is ‘alluring’ the people into action with low threshold. and sometimes healthy barriers are a good filter as well…


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