expression through extended body


1) impulse/response/intensification -> expression. in different areas – common shared ones (body) language. and additional areas: art! dynamic of sharing expression in social fields, stimulate new ones, how it translates into other circles.

2) leading edges in expert-silos, hardly possible to translate out of there  – fragmentation of humanities if no bridges. all those leading edges similar in their intensification underneath. requires analogies to make the bridge and create image where A and B can relate to and put theirs into and get the others input out translated. mastery: to sense these connections. inquiry to develop exercises/trainings/practices that sharpen senses to self-similar expression on different levels.

3) painter – brush, pianist – piano, blogger – keyboard. start seeing my friends as tools like this? they have qualities and skills through which they manifest. holding trusted heart-connection can ‘access’ their expression-area through heart-connection.

arm is part of body, attached through bones, muscles. can see also guitar as part of my extended body that i learn to use. on that line see you as part of my extended body – through trusted heart-connection/friendship. once our relationship has shifted to that level – jealousy/envy on what you can do but i can’t looses meaning and all i want is you blossoming into your highest potential – i wish for you to dance in your passion and become the most beautiful manifestation of your souls dream that is possible. because you ARE part of me and i am part of you. not mechanic use of tools – evolutionary remembering of what connectedness and care means.

‘networking’ gets deeper meaning:  what person with all its skills/dreams/embodied-symbols makes sense to add to YOUR body as an extension. i want to see how you are expressing your impulses through this person!



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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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