structure to span up space

now here is an interesting one… chewing on this since ages and will sure continue to do forever.

today we had a fantastic small lecture about the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah with Sevik. Such a beautiful and profound universal pattern, i am blown away by it!

and besides the joy i find in it i am also thinking about the nature of models/concepts…

how’s such thing born? somehow crystallized in the reflection of what felt like a good process and what follows naturally on each other… further breeding that and by seeing the world through this lenses tying it to many many other levels like astrology and sounds and geometry. this gives many different entry points into the influence-sphere of the model and the potential for the evolution of meaning within the model is growing exponentially with the chances of cross-pollination between silos.

The power of those are that they are applicable in many different levels and situations. Once there is a piece of structure that has been proven as a universal one it is quite likely that a field will tend to use this established structure to crystallize.

A model is spanning up a certain space! Like a doctor has his instruments to keep a wound open until he has finished the operation.

Hardly anything more illuminating for a new seed to see it through the lenses of different models – as the broad structure of models ensures to fathom the extremes of the field around the seed.

Having worked with a model long enough you will reproduce it’s pattern in all free design processes. you yourself can fathom the situation and span up the structure in the space that makes it possible to explore it all… you can sense all possible ways the system can take from here. the edges, the nuances.

I believe though that we are entering a time where we can let loose of more and more models/concepts/methods and start trusting the intelligence in the moment. you learn to throw out the multifaceted trajectory of a process very easily… i am very much training myself to sense as fully as possible all the potential characteristics this thought/idea could touch upon and which implications back and forth this would have on other levels and in other silos. almost like seeing colors and energies radiating out from a core and describing the movement and the reach of it… pre-sensing and expanding your consciousness into different scenarios… spot on!

so much more to say about this… will write soon about internalized and reproduced structures and the creative reservoirs that we tap into by following a procedure (the mind is put to rest in a trustworthy structure). also i want to share an important story of the ‘rebirthing’ of methods…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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