relating to dynamics beyond this body in this time

when i am biking to the KP school in the morning i am going down a hill with a traffic light at it’s bottom – if i see i won’t make it over the crossing in green i stop 100m from the light up the hill in order to save some momentum for the next green phase. it makes total sense for me to do that, but i can tell you i got some strange views from people why i am stopping in the middle of the street 100m before the red light and just stand there and wait – some though looked at me, then my bike and the traffic light and then smiled – they got it :)

a phrase i picked up from Peter Senge is the “gap of emotionally relating to the future“. i understand this for me for instance in the context of definitely being able to emotionally being able to relate to the near feeling of an empty stomach if i don’t eat during the day – this is a scope that i can not only over’see’ but also have collected enough experiences that they condensed into an intuitive knowing. but if i am sitting in a car, how on earth could i be able to emotionally relate to the CO2 emission and their impact on the climate in x-years? i can mentally get that but it’s far from an intuitive knowing…

so here is a great challenge to fill this huge gaps with embodied metaphors and patterns that click into a bridge from the moment to the future and delivers felt knowing back that change your action in the here and now.

Dylan S. told me a great piece about how washing your hands with soap after the toilet has become a widespread cultural habit to do and you would get strange views if you wouldn’t do it. the action itself though is supposed to wash away bacterias that are supertiny invisible… so initially when we first learned to wash our hands after the toilet it didn’t made sense to us as kids, but the repetition and the cultural code anchors it so deep that you hardly question it anymore… so the pattern/attractor got successfully installed.

so here is a lesson to learn and explore on how cultural patterns made their way into our intuitive/immediate reactions and procedures… and which ones we can seed now consciously.

big stuff i am touching on here, tons of potential posts are branching of from here :) it relates to my post on time perceptions and the spanning up of structure in a space that enable embodied ‘insights’ to click in…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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