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wuha! 2weeks-ish ago i re-ignited this Blog, now i take time for a first reflection :) well… i am reflecting all the time here obviously, but this time about the structure and journey around it.

I am so glad that my dear friend Tanja started blogging now too; sharing her insights and questions on her powerful and so meaningful learning journey – i bow to the manifested and unfolding potential in her and look forward t0 many dances together! And i am very happy that my reflections on the KaosPilots inspired Naomi to write reflections on her Knowmads education! This is also the time to express my gratitude to beloved Sheri who was the main ‘encourager’ for me to start blogging again. And almost more than anything else i hope that you find the momentum to start expressing your beautiful and immense gifts in that way as well Sheri ;)

This Blog had over 600 visits in the last two weeks. I am grateful and feel honored by the interest of you people, thank you so much!

So, my journey with this Blog has quite some levels… it is to learn how i can best organize myself around the creative ‘heat-waves’ i am getting… it is for me to shape my voice in formulating, it is a transparent diary where i want to share the best of my thoughts, it is a choice to give people the chance to go in learning-relation with what i am experiencing & seeing on the edge of my personal development, it is to put out some stuff that i see on the leading edge of consciousness development and it also is an exploration for me in what a good and meaningful Blog-architecture is in order to enable myself to fully flow and not hold back just because i don’t find a way in what i can express that… acknowledging that the reflection and the meta-reflection are part of the process and new fields can be explored by branching off and merging from various levels to others

So i am committed to let the best structure emerge for me. For now it happened to look like this:

Home   1.Me   2.You   3.Pipeline   4.PracticeLab   5.Meta   Blogroll

In the pages you can read what my thoughts are on them, i invite you to take the time to read them, they might change of course, most likely they will actually :) for the Pipeline i was also thinking to install a little votebox-system where readers can vote on headlines that i can turn into posts, or they can write comment and also suggest post-headlines. i would like to try that at some point – offering myself and let you assemble the playlist… it’s a great way to organize a lecture by the way! After the structured part hand out a Mindmap that you made with all your inner ‘hotspots’ around this issue and let the audience assemble your playlist of this :)

well… after all i believe i am doing meaningful work here and every post comes with strong heartbeats and a deeper knowing that what this speaks to is meaningful for the years, decades and centuries to come… in whatever form. Sometimes you have to listen loud, through the Benjamin-Ego-noise that is of course present as well, and then i hope you will get something out of it for you on your edge.

And i am grateful to have the opportunity and the incredible luxury, compared to other living conditions on this planet, to spend so much time and energy on observing myself and the experiences i am living.

ah, *sigh*, always so much more to say, but the words are not coming at this time… the spoken is always just a ridiculously tiny little piece in comparison to the unspoken, isn’t it…

May it serve well… with love and respect, Benjamin


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “about this Blog”

  1. I love your new blog, benjamin! And your last paragraph in this post made me think of a quote:

    “There is not much point in arguments over the ineffable since its wordlessness has the last word…”
    ~ Karen Armstrong


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