for groups to hold and shift energies

recently i found myself in different intense group situations where a certain energy/tone or action fills the whole space – the atmosphere is completely soaked with a specific ‘thing’. Beautiful and necessary sometimes for sure.

However, i keep finding myself getting more and more humble and introverted as it goes on. I can see how the original impulse/information has infiltrated the system and gains more and more space. All pro’s and con’s make the presence of it stronger, it seems impossible to leave that track again. And again, yes, i can totally see how that can be meaningful and important. I guess what i am reacting to in this is the defenselessness i experienced in situations when there is something blowing up in the groups presence that might be based on premature judgements and is embarrassing or painful for me to witness and maybe even be in the fire of it.

I believe that simply speaking something into a group has so much more impact than we allow ourselves to be aware of. Consciousness has no protection wall – everything is affecting me. a word that you mention or a gesture that you do, will inevitably take place in me and can grow consciously and will subconsciously.

What i wish for is a collective discipline of shifting the group energy instantly if appropriate. and the capacity to remember collectively the energetic state from before an impulse blew up in the space and if applicable go back together to that state with a fresh and cleared screen.

There is always more going on then one main emotion filling the room… carrier-emotions like melancholy or connectedness are very useful sometimes though. I wonder if a group can learn to hold more and more processes at the same time instead of getting better at focusing on one together.

I need people to see through the moment and see my opinion as one of many. I want people to see beyond what they are seeing. The signals they can get on the outside of a system are only speaking a tiny part of the truth on the inside.

I am more than one, i need you to acknowledge that. My current radiation of energy is one state of many possible and has in itself many nuances. and responsive intelligence is other than displayed intelligence.

We are temporary symbols and roles for each other, that seems to be a fundamental systemic phenomena. I would just wish for a social-space-attitude that can free people from their frozen image in the group instantly.

… Can we just jam on the start-conditions we have? lets look together forward and create from here… instead of clarifying and making sure it’s embedded in a given framework. from here onwards…


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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