threads, bubbles and the cosmic playlist


inspired amongst others through a recent conversation with Mark and one of the most lovely online-thread-dances i ever had, with Maíra.

certainly a multitude of metaphors on how your body-mind system is processing stuff. two that work well for me are to see it as a browser with different tabs open or a email-inbox that is organized in thread view… another is to see the dance of many bubbles blowing up and getting smaller in your inner space – reading this right now is probably a fairly big bubble as it fills your presence to a certain degree. hopefully it triggers other bubbles to pop up, either those you had already on standby or even new ones (which are formed and extended from what’s inside you already, right?)… at the same time you might have a little process bubble about your next email or laundry or intimate encounter or whatever… a constant wild swirling around of bubbles that grow and shrink… and you are raising your energy before a meeting by running different scenarios around that bubble and informing your inner space. Same with echos after an encounter…
interesting questions here for me are about the nature on how the environment and actual experiences are influencing the bubbles and how meta-qualities of the space where the bubbles occur in are influencing them. so emotions like frustration or excitement suddenly throw a new light/shadow over all of the bubbles at the same time?
Also wondering if the “amount of air” that’s in those bubbles is limited, like a maximum capacity of what you can hold on your conscious screen simultaneously? what’s happening at the membrane of the bubbles, can they merge?
Interesting how powerful we actually are in terms of ‘manipulating’ each other, the rosa elephant effect! i DO HAVE the power to plow up a bubble in your mind…
and at the same time this image is totally insufficient as in the moment you are trying to focus on what you think is one bubble you have to admit that it itself is a multitude of experiences and knowledge… fractally interwoven and all that juice :)
so there is an industry around this efficiency-thing and there is zen-training in focusing and controlling your mental process on ‘one’ thing or even no thing. that’s good. but what i think is also big fun, is to train oneself in holding more stuff at the same time, learning to dive through the noise and letting various threads inform each other. It’s this moments of sweet enlightenment when i am in good energy and throw out stuff in “different” threads (the wave-energy coming from my ‘good’ moment obviously can flow into different arms/branches) online and offline and then those pending loops are eventually
coming back in near-time, i don’t know when exactly… but then suddenly your cosmos aligns and you get a few important emails back on inquiries you sent out and in the lecture-break on the terrace people are coming to you and pick up open ends you have with them… it all overlaps and in that dense buzz you can suddenly the the silent eye in the storm, the zeitgeist is vibrating in the middleprocessing more also enables you to sense the symphony behind, within and beyond
and then there is experiences in your playlist that clusters and forms a new melody on the meta-level, that one moves smoothly into another meta-thread you are holding… and so on. the arches are on many levels and in different times – trust the cosmic symphony! when there are a whole bunch of ‘negative’ stuff firing on you, stand it – it might just be the preparation for you to do amazing things when utilizing your anger and sadness… how will that inform all the bubbles?


that’s why long-term ‘investments’ are paying back – because they can turn out to not just change one bubble but inform/update all at once…
and so on :)

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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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