energetic sponges & the awareness of holding processes


when the noise is raising, the laughter fills the room, are you still able to sense the slightest change in mimic expression of someone that shows his actual reaction towards the collective behavior? when the group energy is filling like a sponge with frustration, heaviness or happyness – can you still pick up signals that come from another level?

can you clear your personal sponge by the pure intention to do so?

celebrating emotional waves fully… AND still being present to all energy dynamics happening in that intensified moment.

when we go out for a break, can you hold the awareness of the time to be back, even so there is a huge invitation outside to let your presence be filled with what’s going on?

dare to care. follow up. nothing more life-affirming for someone if you show that you allow this person to have space IN YOU.

process platform.jpg

can you be the platform for the process to continue in you? It is so essential that we allow each other to be the platform for each other’s presence and processes. Don’t waste this precious giving and getting… we affect each other so much more than we usually think. I am walking through my externalized soul-landscape, it all is symbol and meaning to me – i am seeing nothing but aspects of myself.

an poor ugly guy at night on the street can cause an essential insight in you just as well as a dressed up lecturer can do.

content is flowing freely, it is not attached to a neat and well developed framework nor a dress-code or the trust that other people have in it…


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

3 thoughts on “energetic sponges & the awareness of holding processes”

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. So essential now to remember that not all energetic events are in a room or with people. There are energies streaming into the very air we breathe and it is so essential that we not lose sight of those energies, too. These energies cause those we are in a room with to seem the same but be different and intense presence within all spaces and energies to best advised…particularly to those who are intensely sweet bits of being. Watch being influenced by those you believe you can trust….you KNOW the difference….but, sometimes the things they say are sweetness to the ear and enter into the mind and heart.

    Please keep yourself centered and your energy pure…now more than ever.


    1. mmh, will watch out for the sweetness that enters ear, mind and heart – thank you Susan!
      centered and pure – the challenge is not to make this as a challenge but to be so easy around it that all energies drop naturally that are not pure…


      1. Thank you for understanding….though…if I had thought you would not, I would have saved my words like pennies in a piggy bank. All that is good is within your reach….I see you in your progress and smile.


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