axes of expertise – fragmentation & integrity

so here is an interesting play with thoughts that emerged for me in a conversation with Mark yesterday. interesting that it comes right after the note on the creators and the follow-upers in my previous post.

so obviously humanities knowledge is immensely growing in all the different leading edges of the many silos of exploration where you have to be an expert to play on the front (and i mean that both taunting in cases where the expertness is protected for the sake of it and i also mean it with full acknowledgement of areas where long experience and deep knowledge of the field/language is actually required) – a while ago i made this experimental candle light video to jam on different metaphors around this fragmentation.

on the other hand there seems to be “an expectation from society to you” (weird thing to say) to have a certain wholeness when it comes to the axe of dreaming-planning-doing… so from thought to manifestation it is up to you to hold the steering wheel! probably i am talking more about entrepreneurs and freelancers here than corporate employed people.

so just as an experiment of imagination – how would a society look like where there are experts in energy levels so the experts in dreaming are reaching with their dreams from baking bread to building spaceships. And then there are the experts of planning and the experts of doing… and please also the experts of celebrating (inspired by Dragon Dreaming) that make sure the learning/reflection become conscious and thereby reach a new level.  The role of the priest/shaman for instance was to

communicate with the spirit world – other people took care that this person is fed well and has warmth and shelter; nowadays the understanding of different roles in society is broken and everyone has to care for themselves.

do you see what i mean? it’s not black and white – but i find it most interesting to play with these two axes of expertise, the area of expression and the general phases from stimulus to expression and where collective fragmentation occurs and where individual integrity is expected.


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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