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ajaah, it’s really fun and annoying to observe this pattern in myself again and again :)

I have an idea/enter a new field and blossom into it – i am feeding directly from (my) source and the magic of creating is with me… and then it shifts, the flow stops and not being patient enough to wait for it’s natural bubbling up again i play with creating a neat framework around that new content and make sure it’s delivered nicely. and suddenly i realize it feels so weird when i compare the moment of pure birthing energy with all the energy i put into the framing and packaging of the original seed.

so there is certainly a side to this dynamic that i see is healthy and natural – where you start looking on what other levels this seed is occurring, seeing the world in the light of this new content. anchoring the new…

and there is surely creative energy in shaping the framework, making the package and plugging it into it’s field/market

but this is the point where i react allergic – when this creating energy on the next level (better name?) is the only one someone can access. the dynamic that capitalism is generating is to throw endless ways of building your identity on the market through consuming products/mindsets/attitudes. people have a deep need to build their identity and it seems obvious to go in relation to what’s close to you, either by buying into it or by being against it… but only building your identity through relating what is offered and choosing from that seems insanely ungrounded and weak to me.

you can sense it in people’s energy field if they lost the connection to source, to the pure flow of creation – you can see how this profound lust and longing of pure creation has been broken and deflected into choosing from what’s already there and building a comfort zone within the given products.

yes, and maybe some people are more connected to source than other’s… maybe there are creators and follow-upers and so on…


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Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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