time perceptions

the situation that inspired this post was in the kitchen; due to unfocused handling, the lid was falling down from the stove… within milliseconds i calculated the trajectory on my inner screen (what is this actually?) in order to catch it with my feet as i love doing this to avoid shocking noises and train my reflexes. This time i could see it was falling in an angle that would cause pain to land on my foot, so in very short time i chose to let it bounce off once from the ground and then put my foot under it before it lands again. It worked perfect. Proud of my sharp reaction i came to think again about the very different time dimensions we are experiencing and relating to…

what does it take to reprogram immediate pre-rational reactions? if a bike-rider is almost driving you over, can you send the person a warm smile in the moment instead of a shocked insulted face, grateful that it went well?

The terms here, near and far (Dylan) make sense to me besides using it for location also in terms of the time-zones we are in… and it seems to me one of the many spectrums you ‘need’ to experience with someone to know her well is to see how she is behaving and patterning herself in the environment in the here, the present moment, the room, the people. And then the near, the coming days and weeks, how do you plan and how clear can your feeling of a situation in one week actually be? or is it blurring and you expect you have changed till then so much… And the far, how do people relate to the perspective of their life or beyond… and which of this zones are influencing my decisions and when…

A fantastic video that Mark recommended me: “Das Rad“, about two rock piles witnessing human development!

here a note i wrote inspired by that video earlier:

Makes me think of the time-speed we perceive and how much slower or faster it also is. Makes me wonder what we are potentially capable of processing and relating to time-wise. Peter Senge speaks about the gap of relating to our future emotionally. Makes me curious to explore experiences that can widen the capability of relating to time. Soaking in the shortest moments and letting the glimpse of their inner dynamic play out in me to sense into it from all sides… that yes. But how to “scale down” my plane-flight to the climate-impact it has, into a ‘package’ or a set of metaphorical embodied bridging-patterns that my body-mind can process and stimulates my intuition and emotions. A fantastic practice i experienced in that realm was on a seminar with Joanna Macy. Sitting in double-circle; the outside circle was living in the now and the inner circle were humans in 200 years from now. Speaking in one-now to one-future human, we were guided through questions around “how was it to be in the time of the great turning” and the future humans spoke their gratitude that they are living because we made it possible. It was a really powerful and deeply touching experience for me and my sense is that this is a strong angle for meaningful perceptional attractors… stretching consciousness wide beyond daily scope… into time and space or the potential of a group/network…

What are practices/exercises that build capacity to feel in bigger context in bigger times?

Would be great to make a video from the time-perception of metabolism in our cells or something that is much much faster than human-time. Where we are the rock-piles :)

All relative… what is then conditioning our time-perception, how is it anchored in the level where it is? is it ‘anchored’ there? can you ‘escape’ from that? From what time-zone are you sourcing your energy from and base your decisions on? …


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