social media and healthy thresholds

it’s obviously up to you how you use social media and how you feel about your online identity and privacy and all that fun…

here is a fundamental question mark though that i am holding when it comes to social media and the endless free channels we meanwhile have to communicate, share, re-post, like and subscribe…

the possibility to share everything and anytime with the whole world is increasing synchronicity and connectivity and all that good stuff for sure – and i also see how it can massively decrease the quality of what we share! the stream of sharing seems so fast and intense that you are throwing in whatever, just to feel part of it…

you find yourself sharing the beginning of a thought to test on resonance instead of maintaining integrity and safe-inner-space for the impulse to grow, disappointed by the lack of resonance you loose the sacredness around this in you.

fast rivers can flush away growing seeds.

that someone else doesn’t understand what you are expressing could very well be because you are on the very right track to discover something beyond his/her/the-collective territory of explored space… so go for it by all means, keep flirting with the world around this but hold your integrity around this seed…

i believe that the strong impulses and meaningful pieces will find their way, no matter what. and sometimes the difficulty of sharing can be a wonderful filter/threshold to let it evolve…

can you see what i mean?

On the other hand, maybe the huge noise is needed for the meaningful online architecture to evolve further? and it satisfies our need of feeling seen and heard by a community.

one (at least) branch off from this that i will write about another time… how online communication is programming new neuronal patterns in our social brains and what their echo would be without internet

it IS a time where we can have too much from everything – i see it as one of the biggest invitations for personal and collective growth to consciously re-establish thresholds that makes things more difficult, more slowly, less efficient and more silent… i am trying it with blogging for now :)

what is the medium of media mediating?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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