me, money and manifestation

from the many energy flows that i am getting, transforming, expanding and giving… there is one that i am extremely bad at attracting into my life: money!


i am so grateful for the huge monetary, emotional and relational ‘turnover’ i generated from my fundraising campaign last autumn – many people showed trust in me and my path by borrowing or donating me money. it certainly nourished a fundamental life confidence in me.

so, i am deeply acknowledging the many lived-through and ongoing growth processes that this situation is putting me through…

however, now it seems time to focus my energy on projects and manifest ideas…

the most concrete one that i’d love to explore is mentioned in my post hereIt is about making the whole content of a (online community) site visible at once and make latest activities or contributions from specific people easily and intuitively accessible. Imagine the whole content displayed in an exploding star (start page in the middle, pages of first level of links on the first ring and so on) where you can zoom in at any point and search queries are getting highlighted…

so if you know a potential investors to offer start-capital so that i can realize this together with a programmer, please let me know… i would prefer trust- and resonance-based than having to write a business plan :)

and yes, please do tell me if you see other/more ways i can create a healthy monetary flow in my life…


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

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