the life affirming source

i find myself thinking again and again about “anchoring the life affirming source deeper“…

why? where? how?

what does it take for a human being to feel stable and rooted in its existence… so that they fluctuations on the surface can be seen as “inspirational raw material of experience” and not as something where we have to constantly source our life energy from…

i am thinking that the energy of marketing is programming our minds to create little packages in our expressions. we all seem to have agreed that a conversation for instance has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. We wrap criticism in nice words and have such problems to give and receive a pure compliment. We have a need to balance immediately and give back, but hey – maybe you have been on my mind for a while now and my appreciation is part of a process, i would never expect you to give something back right now… i truly wonder if we can massively widen our sense of balancing and commit to a give and get with life as a whole

what’s the untamed pure beam of energy coming out of me when you enter my energy field? and can you handle that i let this shine on you without making a package around it?

there are waves in different times processing you… if one trust, than that light and shadow are following upon each other… enjoying the ride of the cosmic playlist that is constantly assembled for you…

still – why? where? how?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

2 thoughts on “the life affirming source”

  1. enjoying the ride of the cosmic playlist that is constantly assembled for you…

    still – why? where? how?

    Why is there a cosmic playlist for “me” — is that there are many things I have experienced…some seemingly many more times than might have been necessary had I not been SO in love with them…and then, well….apparently in order to assimilate the YOU that is YOU in an I AM sense….it is best facilitated by writing this life’s playlist to include reminders…have songs written, wonderment increased, random items made appealing, code words inscribed inside the brain’s rememberment. All this playlist created by me for me and to be shared with all the yous that exist as reflections of me so that you can see your own reflection as who you truly are. We are so in love with ourselves that we want to see…all our selves…all the beauty and all the blemishes. When we truly see….we can take a bit of cloth and grit and polish our mirrors into brilliance like diamonds faceted and shining like stars.


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