attractors in a field and defined spaces

thoughts whirling in my mind after a day of “rethinking leadership education” with dear friends in a church in Århus… there is a fundamental symbolic re-patterning that occurs strongly for me.

you can define space and containers, you can talk about what’s inside and outside of your claimed frame… you can build a very powerful framework and prepare the best tools and methods…

what you can also do is to put out an attractor that by it’s very nature sparks curiosity and attracts attention… energy is accumulating around that point in the field and the sphere of influence can reach across the whole field and it’s ripples and trajectories of outcomes can throw their seeds far and free.

like the image of bunch of keys, creating magical support energy that glues a group of explorers together through their own will to play with you… the operating system becomes light and smooth, the system is set up to reach new territory and go beyond what’s known… a strong center is just radiating, it does no need to know how far it’s heat reaches.

there is a field, and there are attractors in this field… claimed spaces in that field are constructions of our minds.

and yes, i know about vivid alive milieus that emerge in circles and they need protection to hold their integrity… so there is community-building to create protected space to play… until one blessed day the gifts of this circle are spilling over it’s boundaries

so what’s the dance of attractors and spaces?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

3 thoughts on “attractors in a field and defined spaces”

    1. thanks so much for your presence Ria and Helen. the strange attractor… maybe not needed to protect, maybe not even possible sometimes, maybe the strangeness is protection itself? :)
      mmh, well, i find myself sometimes guarding situations where no sense of direction is present but my intuition tells me there is something emerging…
      that i find very interesting – how sensing/intuition/energy-field-presence can so much cut through the noise we “have” to go through, following conventions and patterns…


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