the extended body

i have skills/competencies/inquiries… i am on the leading edge of my own story, no one else can be there.

you have skills/competencies/inquiries… you are the leading edge of your own story, no one else can be there.

we are friends, we are part of the same evolutionary family, we are mates, we care for each other, we have a life-time commitment for our relationship, through light and shadow – we allow us to see each other fully. we trust each other. we have a strong bright heart connection.

You are part of my extended body and i am part of yours. Like muscles, bones, veins and skin are connecting the extension of my warm to my body so is the bond of friendship and care from my heart to your heart connecting the extension that is you to my body. i can learn to use this “arm”, i can learn to access your skills through training my “fingers” to move…

So – what else can i truly wish and care for than you growing into your fullest potential?


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

One thought on “the extended body”

  1. I do believe you have it correct….in that everything we do for ourselves gets shared equally with all those we are connected to….and through them to those to whom they are connected…and so on until the good-ness has literally spread to every sentient being. From the song I posted today….”do you love yourself more than you love me?” I hope so…


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