impulse and expression

so here is a piece of thoughts that i will eventually keep trying to express in many ways – it has been my inquiry since years and it feels like it’s a main one on my evolutionary trajectory…

so there is impulse and then there is expression of impulse (and how they inform each other back and forth)… a painter expresses an impulse in a drawing, a composer in a song, a blogger in a blog post and so on – everyone has areas of expressions that come naturally, so if i feel certain emotions i have build certain procedures for myself to deal with those…

and then we can talk about where impulses come from, are thoughts really free? where does inspiration/association come from?…

however, i believe that most impulses emerge somehow simultaneously in a social field (and/or re-inforced by each other, morphogenetic field) or even globally – and then they find as many expressions as there are people, groups, organizations and any other entity/system that receives the impulse and expresses it in it’s unique way.

so what now if the impulse/thought that the astronaut has on his leading edge of expert knowledge is actually very similar with the leading edge impulse that the gardener has? what if there would be a way for them to meet on that level where the impulse is the same, can they inspire each other without understanding each other’s expert knowledge? is that what we call metaphors – images/symbols that enables different people to charge with shared meaning and get different interpretations out of it?

how cool would it be to sensibilize much more for the nature of impulse and it’s way to it’s expression… could one learn to see more clearly and sharp the underlying energetic movement where expert A talks exactly about the same as expert B but in a totally different vocabulary and context. the social translator is emerging…

i found the term “consistency of shape” fascinating that Andreas Weber uses in his german book “everything is feeling”. he says that if one would measure the brain waves of a painter in the moment of an impulsive strike with brush on canvas the shape of the brain waves would be similar to the actual drawing. and if you look at this drawing your eye-nerves will send a similar electrical pattern to your brain as the one originally firing in the painters brain…

so cheers to similar patterns finding expression on various levels :) endless creative potential in an energetic seeing of the cross-designing and interpreting possibilities… this is not a romantic statements about metaphors – i believe this is a fundamental notion/update/re-connecting/sharpening in the perception of a human being with potential echos far beyond my imagination…


Published by

Benjamin Aaron Degenhart

Currently pursuing a Masters in Computational Science and Engineering at TU Munich.

4 thoughts on “impulse and expression”

  1. So….with the level of consciousness rising and the ability to measure it being refined…and we already have biofeedback….plus, the generally accepted new agey concept that the younger children will be born with more access to soul memories and records….THEN, one day two people will be able to look at one another and read exactly what is going on inside the other and react to it appropriately. Yes, I remember…that it is way it will be.


  2. Benjamin, this is a wonderful inquiry that moves us into our field of readiness in responding through the inherent and acquired forms of expressions we learned and are still learning ….

    Your post directly took me to “The Tree of Knowledge – the Biological Roots of Human Understanding” by Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela – – affirming that “the uniqueness of being human lies exclusively in a social structure coupling that occurs through languaging, generating (a) regularities proper to human social dynamics e.g. identity and self-consciousness, and (b) the recursive social human dynamics that entails a reflection enabling us to see that as human beings we have only the world which we create with others – whether we like them or not” (I feel that this is a book worth reading, if unread)


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